Ballin: LeBron went for his now-standard 26-12-7 line, but that’s getting boring. So shoutout to Tony Parker, who tallied 31 points on 12-16 shooting while adding seven assists and not turning the ball over. He is your third-place MVP candidate.

Not so much: Flippin’ the Bulls scored 13 points in two separate quarters on their way to a season-worst 67 points which came just eight days after their previous season-worst of 69. They’re currently 22nd in offensive efficiency and made zero moves on deadline day, so you can kind of see why Derrick Rose’s brother is so upset.

Piling on: In other stupid Bulls news, Chicago fans cheered/booed a minor LeBron James injury last night.

There is a combination of things that led to this — it’s part applause for Nate Robinson taking a hard foul while his team is getting killed, it’s part remembering LeBron shooting left-handed free throws with a mystery elbow problem during the 2010 playoffs, and I’m sure it’s part jerks being jerks. I’m not saying I agree with it, because I don’t, but there are reasons beyond “Hey, LeBron looks hurt, that’s cool.” I think.

Game plan: Following last night’s four-point, seven-assist outing, Chris Paul is now averaging 11 points and 7.7 assists against the San Antonio Spurs in three games this season, down from his usual 16 and nine.

Again: Another guy made a halfcourt shot to win something last night.

It feels like we are living in the golden age of making halfcourt shots to win things. Just this season we’ve had, I’m estimating, about a half-dozen people hit these things to win prizes. Are fans practicing halfcourters or something? A full investigation is required.

Other things: Wicked spin move from Dwyane Wade last night … Stephen Jackson was back with the Spurs last night after missing three games due to his wife miscarrying their first child. Thoughts and prayers … The latest J.R. Smith Twitter stupidity … Kenyon Martin is BACK … Charles Barkley did an episode of “Shaqtin’ a Fool” last night … LeBron is silly