In ye olden dayes, this would be evidence that LeBron James is a fraud, can’t finish games and will never win a championship. Now it’s just funny because he never misses shots from anywhere, let alone right in front of the rim on a fast break. The second way is better, I think.

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  1. Did that count as a miss? Almost seems like it should be a turnover.

  2. you can see in the play by play they just counted it as a missed layup. I agree, it should be a turnover, he fumbled it on the way up and the other team ended up with the ball, hardly should count as a rebound haha

  3. Man lucky for Bron this came after the trading deadline or they might have shipped him out for JJ Redick. #exposed

    • This was the moment when the Monstar’s stole LeBron’s talent in preparation for their game against the Toon Squad

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