Yesterday, when I got home from work, I had this package waiting for me.


So I popped it open.


And then I popped it on because people need to see what these short-sleeved jerseys look like on people who aren’t totally cut, as my fake grandma likes to say. For reference, this is a 2XL jersey with +2 length and I’m 6-foot-5 and 227 pounds.

short-sleeve-jersey-untuck-front short-sleeve-jersey-untuck-back

As you can see, the jerseys are super long, almost like a tunic. And since they’re basketball jerseys, they stay narrow the whole way down. So unless you’re sizing up in the jersey and keeping things mad baggy — which isn’t the point of these jerseys at all — you might need to tuck it in. So I did.

short-sleeve-jersey-tuck-front short-sleeve-jersey-back

Pretty cool look, I know. Very Tas Melas.

The jerseys themselves are very light and pretty comfortable. The sleeves still catch on your shoulders when you’re taking a jump shot since they are sleeves, but that’s pretty easy to ignore, I’d guess. Outside of not matching the team’s new shorts, these should work just fine on the court.

Style-wise, I don’t know. I’ll probably wear this in the summer under a blue oxford or something like that because I’m a weirdo, but I have a hard time seeing shirts this tight catching on with the general public. Maybe if you’re jacked or Russell Westbrook that’s what you’re looking for, but I can’t imagine most people are dying to wear tight mesh t-shirts with surprisingly deep pseudo v-necks. Maybe I’m mistaken about this.

But yeah, this is what the new Warriors jerseys are going to look like on fans who buy them when they debut at the Oracle Arena tonight. Your call on whether or not they look good or not. Can’t wait to hear what you think of these jerseys and my couch in the comments.