Yesterday, when I got home from work, I had this package waiting for me.


So I popped it open.


And then I popped it on because people need to see what these short-sleeved jerseys look like on people who aren’t totally cut, as my fake grandma likes to say. For reference, this is a 2XL jersey with +2 length and I’m 6-foot-5 and 227 pounds.

short-sleeve-jersey-untuck-front short-sleeve-jersey-untuck-back

As you can see, the jerseys are super long, almost like a tunic. And since they’re basketball jerseys, they stay narrow the whole way down. So unless you’re sizing up in the jersey and keeping things mad baggy — which isn’t the point of these jerseys at all — you might need to tuck it in. So I did.

short-sleeve-jersey-tuck-front short-sleeve-jersey-back

Pretty cool look, I know. Very Tas Melas.

The jerseys themselves are very light and pretty comfortable. The sleeves still catch on your shoulders when you’re taking a jump shot since they are sleeves, but that’s pretty easy to ignore, I’d guess. Outside of not matching the team’s new shorts, these should work just fine on the court.

Style-wise, I don’t know. I’ll probably wear this in the summer under a blue oxford or something like that because I’m a weirdo, but I have a hard time seeing shirts this tight catching on with the general public. Maybe if you’re jacked or Russell Westbrook that’s what you’re looking for, but I can’t imagine most people are dying to wear tight mesh t-shirts with surprisingly deep pseudo v-necks. Maybe I’m mistaken about this.

But yeah, this is what the new Warriors jerseys are going to look like on fans who buy them when they debut at the Oracle Arena tonight. Your call on whether or not they look good or not. Can’t wait to hear what you think of these jerseys and my couch in the comments.

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  1. I really like your couch

  2. is there a gun pointed at you?

  3. the tuck is no good and I don’t know about these catching on. the warriors yellow is pretty loud for street wear.

    need a picture or something above that couch Trey, maybe a giant painting of a Brad Miller close-up?

  4. I really thought Kerby would be thicker.

  5. Your couch doesn’t match the jersey.

  6. in the first picture it looks like you are wearing a dress. mariah carey would approve.

  7. Trey sure does look like a thinner/better-looking version of Mark Boone Junior, who played Flass in “Batman Begins” – http://youtu.be/usb0PjogW-Y?t=12s

  8. Hang something on your walls Tre!

  9. your couch has nothing on landry fields’ couch.

  10. That’s some form-fitting goodness. Also, vaguely Shroud of Turin.

  11. your belt is worse than the jersey, the couch or your hair.

  12. Trey is a hero.

  13. Now there is definitive proof Grandma Lana exists!

  14. Hmmm that wall could use a painting/mirror

  15. We need to see all TBJ personnel in this before we can determine if this is what it would look like on a “normal” person.

  16. serge where are you???????????????

  17. Jove and Tuck are on to something. Asylum style in treys heezy. Holler at me for a custom oversized poster. 6’5 227ish haha ain’t normal son.

  18. rovell seems to think these will sell well because people dont want to expose their pits or something, but regular jerseys are just way cooler than these.

    • Besides, the majority of people who wear basketball jerseys as streetwear will wear an undershirt with it. V-neck tees under jerseys…it keeps the collar of the undershirt from showing up (especially on a v-necked jersey like most NBA teams have now) while still hiding your nasty pits and unmuscular shoulders.

  19. Has a soccer kit feel to it

    I’d wear it, but it is a bit too long.

  20. I like how it says “Warriors” across the chest like the Run TMC days. But I wish it was just a regular jersey without sleeves. And even the sleeves wouldn’t be THAT bad if the freaking shorts at least matched!!

  21. Cool shirt bro. insert obligatory yellow curry joke here

  22. Next bookoff/payoff loser goes to a Raptors game wearing that as a dress.

  23. pretty hot. Love the birch tree painting /picture over your desk. The belt definitely is a no go.

  24. So, the “Normal Person” in the headline is Klay Thompson? Tricky Trey, tricky

  25. Looks like a blouse #GSfail

  26. I actually really like the un-tucked version.

  27. Can I join your bowling league Trey?

  28. This is the greatest TBJ blog I’ever read.

  29. C’mon Kirby smile man!

  30. Ha ha love the Tas Melas look! I reckon a tight fitting one could look good on a hot female as a dress, but if your built like Trey….not such a good look!

  31. “very tas melas.” very cool.

  32. fuck yooo couch

  33. I’m kinda bummed that you’re not doing the Klay Thompson pose in the side-by-side photo.

  34. if they could shorten the retail versions they’d be perfect but it doesn’t work when it doubles as a dress…

  35. “I’ll probably wear this in the summer under a blue oxford or something like that …”

    He’s not kidding.

  36. wait trey does that mean you didn’t bring your cats to toronto?!?!? come on man!

    • They’re with my wife’s parents. I miss them very much.

      • that’s terrible. I feel for you. I haven’t had a cat in ten years… but I’m probably going to move soon and I ca(n’)t wait for my next appartment because it sure as hell will be catfriendly!

        • You can name it Nuzzle Westbrook

          • heh nice 1!
            well if trey ever buys a new cat he can name it Steph Purry.
            and if matty O ever gets a cat he can name it Nuzzle Tov. but I’m guessing he’s allergic.

  37. While I think you’re a beautiful specimen the jersey is fucking awful. Burn it. Burn the skin it touched. Burn the box it came in and toss the remains into school yard so some kids will have a mystery to solve and the jersey will have actually been useful.

  38. Trey is a “normal” person?

  39. The sleeves seem a little short for noodly armed people like myself. Length seems like it could be good if you adjust for the +2 on that version.

    The couch is very leathery.

  40. You should probably go with the *NOT* +2 Length.

  41. The Kirby sartorial blog seems like it’s always bubbling just beneath the surface. Sneaker and jersey reviews with that classic ironic style…

  42. very, very tunic. someone has taken their game-of-thrones-watching too far.

  43. How much for that couch?

  44. The green belt really sells these jerseys. Kind of an odd choice for a professional sport but it just might work. Call me crazy.

  45. I’ve slept on that couch. It is FANTASTIC.

  46. My shoulders and back (and upper chest) are just so hairy that I can really appreciate this new style of jersey. I also have eczema on my upper arms though, so I’ll still need to wait for a full sleeve in order to rock this.

  47. I’m going to the Warriors game tonight so this definitely pumped me up!

    How ridiculous would Dwight Howard look in this thing with those shoulders hes got going on? Yikes. I remember wearing similar jerseys in like 7th grade…they were from like 1970.

  48. I’m not even a Warriors fan and I am totally buying one.

  49. cool couch bro.

  50. …it’s just a t-shirt

    terrible idea

  51. The sleeves look stupid!

    You know Trey an indoor plant would really make that room pop

  52. Is that Trey Kerby or Phil Mickeltits?

  53. It’s long because you got 2XL with a plus 2 length……..

  54. the jerseys would be pretty cool with out the sleeves and the pinstriped shorts

  55. so after the game I have to admit these jerseys definitely look weird on tv. the warriors looked like a bunch of guys who forgot their actual jerseys and had to play the spurs in t-shirts.

  56. All that diet coke has really been paying off brah.

  57. I like it… Just avoid the shorts… And curry? They must have some cooler players jerseys than that?… Lee, bogut, Ezeli, biedrins, Landry

  58. Get yourself some wall art, Trey. Goddamn is that wall depressing.

  59. The jersey doesn’t suck as bad as i thought

  60. Trey, are you trying out for the Sex Warriors?

  61. WOW. this has nothing to do with the jersey but you look exactly like daniel hardman from Suits

  62. is it just me or does Trey’s photo look eerily similar or on its way too Nick Nolte’s infamous mugshot

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