On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for: Kobe’s post-game tweet, another dominating Spurs’ “Rodeo” road trip, the Wiz abusing Delfino, LeBron admitting to triple-dub chasing, Wesley Matthews, and Lindsey Hunter’s reaction to Beasley’s air-ball. Thumbs down for: Kyrie/LeBron 2014 speculation, Raptors fans booing Bargnani, temper boys, and the Warriors new jerseys.

All that, plus the Oscars, table conversations, bald spots, water retention and In-N-Out burgers.


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  1. Kobe is NOT Jordan.

    Jordan was motivated by winning. He wanted to win, no matter what. Not just in basketball, but cards, golf, ping-pong, whatever. He just hated to lose.

    Kobe is motivated by legacy. He wants to be perceived as the best. If that requires winning, then so be it. If that requires scoring 81, so be it. But he would accept losing as long as everyone considered him the best player (example, the playoff game against the Suns that he threw)

    Jordan was the best player for a good decade. No debate. Kobe was the best player for only a year or two. The rest of the time, he was in the mix as one of the best players, along with Shaq, Duncan, Lebron, etc. With Jordan, there was no debate. Even back in 93 and 97 when Barkley and Malone won the MVP award, everyone knew Jordan was the best.

    Not to take anything away from Kobe, I’m just sick of the “Kobe is the reincarnation of Jordan” talk.

    • A fair assessment Mr. Kick-Ass.

      I think the biggest difference when we look back on Kobe and Jordan’s legacies in 20 years will be Jordan’s level of dominance. While it will be arguable that Kobe was the best player in the league for a number of years, and by the time he retires his numbers will make him look like a comparable player, the truth is that he never came close to Jordan’s ceiling.

      And while you pointed out that maybe their core motivations were different, you can’t deny that there are similarities. I do believe that Jordan would have reacted very similar to how Kobe did after Cuban’s comments. So basically I don’t think that the reincarnation stuff is completely out of line, even if it has some obvious inaccuracies. You just have to keep it in perspective.

  2. Trey, skip the warm up gear phase and move directly to track suits.

  3. By my count, LeBron has had 23 games in his career where he’s been either 1 rebound or 1 assist away from a triple-double.

    • And an additional 51 games where he is 2 assists and/or rebounds away from a triple-double (meaning games where he has exactly 9 assists and 9 rebounds OR 10+ assists and 8 rebounds OR 10+ rebounds and 8 assists).

      So 74 total games where a triple-double was very close, in addition to the 35 he has.

    • I’m all for Lebron going for the triple double. It’s an arbitrary stat that is referenced all the time. One of the qualifiers for Magic/Kidd/Rondo being so good is triple doubles, as if Lebron’s 36/12/9 lines are meaningless compared to Kidd shooting 4/13 and having 11/11/10. The game was still somewhat in jeopardy, so him starting the 4th quarter is no big deal. If Lebron getting 1 more rebound means that he can collect one more 3×2, go for it.

  4. I have died and gone to Heaven! TBJ just talked about the Wizards..in the first 12 minutes of the show…AS A WINNER OF THE WEEKEND! I know Damian Lillard has the ROY all but wrapped up but I think people have to be impressed by the improvement of Bradley Beal over the last few months. Increased scoring each month and improved on his outside shooting. Not only that but he works hard on the defensive end and is a great rebounder for his position.

    Now I will listen to the rest of the show.

    Thank you for making my Monday so much better!

  5. Wouldn’t Jordan have to be dead to be reincarnated? Does Jordan have an extra soul?

  6. What is the song played in the outro…?

  7. GET . A . NEW . PLAYER .

    this thing sucks!

  8. I considered sending this tweet to Leigh, but I decided the Oscars would be too old for Tweet of the Week by Friday. But since you mentioned NBA players tweeting during the Oscars, this one from Ricky Rubio made me smile:

    “Best picture? Shouldn’t it be called best movie? Just wondering #ocars2013 foreign problems?”


  9. Tas is my boy, but if I have to hear him talk about LeBron ever again, I may have to stop listening to this podcast. We get it, LeBron is by far the best player in the world and people who nitpick at his career at this point are idiots that have no life. However, it’s annoying when the conversation on LeBron follows the same pattern. WE GET IT! LeBron is awesome, he can do whatever he wants, give him MVP, give him the title, give him Finals MVP. Let’s move on!

  10. Was ‘Nicolas Batum for an All-Star’ the first time when Matt made the ‘Is in he in the conversation?’ joke?
    It occurred quite often over the last weeks and I’m still not sure if J.E. knows that Matt is making fun of him…

  11. Completely off topic: Where does that great “somebody say HAM BURGER!”-drop come from? Sorry but it’s hilarious and I kind of recognize it from somewhere so I just have to know. Anyone?

  12. I liked the Warriors Jerseys. They looked nice on the court. I think they should have been a winner.

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