Have you ever wondered if Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is more of a cat or a dog? For some reason, The Basketball Jones has. After debating this pointless topic for months, we took the opportunity at NBA All-Star Weekend to find out the answer once and for all.


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  1. I’m gonna stick with puma.


  3. Russ hit Tas with that frosty eye. He wasn’t having any of that.

  4. sounds like a win for the dogs to me. wolves are basically dogs, right?

  5. Hm. Russ seems more like a jack-ass than a dog/cat.

  6. This is bullshit. Definitely a high-jumping, moody feline. There is NO WAY he is a dog.

  7. I guess most of these guys think of cats as women and dogs as men?

  8. I know a cat when I see one, Russell is a cat.

  9. Never met a dog like Russ…he’s very much like my cat!

  10. Ryan Anderson is MVP of TBJ’s questions. Also, Brook Lopez eats popcorn like he’s chewing tobacco.

    • I don’t know, Matt Bonner’s dropping some good knowledge bombs. But they’re definitely the LeBron-KD of the TBJ MVP ballot

    • Ryan Anderson should become a regular Jones contributor, like a special locker room correspondent or something. He’s feeling it every time.

    • That Berkeley sensibility. Represent! Go bears..

  11. they are all just way to scared RW might scratch them if they would have said CAT – because he is one!

  12. cats who grow up around dogs always think theyre dogs so obv hes a delusional cat

  13. only a cat acts that surly when you try to get it to do something (answer a question in this case) that it doesn’t want to do.

    • Exactly what I was gonna say. Had Rus been a dog, he would NEVER have answered like that. He would have been happy and jumping all around. He was so close to calling Tas “BRA”.
      And all the players answering did not dare call him a cat. I guess that’s not masculine enough to be considered a cat, for whatever reason.
      Verdict: words say dog, facts say cat.

  14. I don’t think we got our answer,obviously most of those guys were too hesitant to choose cat.

  15. This video proves nothing. He’s a Cat.

  16. 100% Cat. That’s what I say brah.

  17. hes a punch, but i think im going Cat..

  18. He’s a man, and he handles his tantrums the mature way, by crossing his arms and pouting about it.

  19. By the way, a dog would never call anyone BRA with such disdain. Cats don’t care of your silly questions. Cats don’t care if you like how they dress. Hell why do you think they created the Thunder Cats animated series for? So that people would be prepared for when RW landed on planet earth.

  20. LoL, goat sucker.

  21. Calling himself a Wolf is the cattiest possible answer a cat could give.

  22. Ryan Anderson and Matt Bonner have the best answers in all these videos.

  23. See the way he was sitting while answering questions? My cat fucking sits like that all the time. Sort of half turned around but looking over his shoulder with disdain. That motherfucker is a cat..

  24. If there was any doubt about his animal orientation, look at that video after they lost to the Jazz!

    This makes me laugh so hard, but also makes he HATE him so much haha.

  25. How is he not a cat? Seriously?

  26. Brook Lopez is now my favorite basketball player ever

  27. After seeing this video, Russ is definitely a cat!

    Also, Bonner with the best answer though.

  28. Puma is the best.

    He is definitely a cat. Moody both in good and bad ways.

    The way the cat option was explained seemed kinda loaded as Tas was describing cat as basically selfish, let alone the perceived “feminine” connotation.

  29. 100% cat. Everyone in this clip was afraid of offending his catty nature by calling him a cat.

  30. Word to Danny Hsu, those 2 were consistently the best. But, as Stud Kick Ass says, Brook Lopez won this round by dissing Russy w/ “I’m a cat person.” Also, TBJ crew, the video was great, but let’s get a total count. How many said dog? How many said cat?

  31. seemed like a cat to me from that video

  32. There’s no way a dog would have said “Let the fans figure it out”. Definitely a cat answer.

  33. The new debate has to be who would win in a fight westbrook’s “wolf” vs. Anderson’s “puma”

  34. russ is a hairless cat.

    his face almost looks fake when displaying any emotion or reaction other than his omnipresent mean-mug.


  35. you guys are awesome. This video should have way more views. Tell your marketing team to do their job!!!

  36. I love Ryan Anderson.

  37. Brook Lopez won Media Day

  38. I’m not giving up on this topic. His temper is like a dog. His fashion sense like a cat. This debate must never end!!!!!

  39. Silly Bonner, doesn’t he know that Luke Babbitt is the Chalupacabra already?

  40. Why was the follow up question not asked “A lone wolf?”

  41. Everyone thinks he is a cat. But saying a guy is a cat is a bit “not done” apparently.

    He is a cat! Now introducing #CATarmy tweeps ;p

  42. the fact that Russ copped-out and said Wolf, just proves that he’s a cat

  43. Russ fucking looked like he had just left a dead possum on the doorstep as a way to claim the household when he answered that. Dude is such a cat its not even a debate anymore.

    I say the new debate is whether Brook Lopez is our century’s Mark Twain or Thomas Paine….

  44. Jrue Holiday sounds & carries himself like Saracen from FNL

  45. He is cat! Only because I love dogs. The video said all

  46. Lopez’s answer while eating popcorn I can’t stop laughing

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