Ballin: Ko-Bones Bryant went for 38 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists in yesterday’s Lakers win in Dallas. Cool enough, but he also tallied 14 points on 5-5 shooting in the fourth quarter, plus he added an assist and four rebounds (including a tough one on O.J. Mayo’s barely-missed game-tying three) in the game’s final period. He also tweeted a Mark Cuban joke, so pretty good night.

Not so much: On either side of the Bulls’ 30-point Friday night win against the Bobcats, they turned in whole games where they scored 69 and 72 points. That includes yesterday’s loss to the Thunder in which they scored 36 points in each half. Considering their previous spanking was against the Heat, things are looking good for the Bulls title chances-wise.

Looptid: MarShon Brooks has always been a huge Tracy McGrady fan.

This should happen more often in the NBA. It’s actually a very good way to split the double team and make something happen, as long as you’re not too far from the hoop. Being incredibly skilled is also kind of a necessity, but more guys should give this a shot.

Dwellers: The Hornets beat the Kings yesterday, edging out a one-game lead for 13th in the Western Conference. This season, in four games against the Kings and Suns (the two teams trailing them in the standings), the Hornets are 3-1 with the only loss coming in overtime in Phoenix. That is pretty definitive evidence that there is no way the Hornets are the worst team in the conference. Mission accomplished.

Reminiscing: Remember when Spurs-Suns was one of the NBA’s greatest rivalries? Following yesterday’s win, San Antonio is now 9-1 against Phoenix over the last three seasons.

You fancy, huh?: The Timberwolves lost by one to the Warriors, but why don’t you shut up about that and enjoy some Ricky Rubio highlights?

I hope you enjoyed those.

Shlump: With 2:31 remaining, Mirza Teletovic hit a shot to put the Nets up 72-67 against the Grizzlies. The Nets, who have the second-highest payroll in the league and two of the 15 highest-paid players in the NBA in their backcourt (albeit one of whom was injured and not playing), failed to score for the remainder of the game and took a four-point home loss on the chin.

Finally: After seven straight losses that helped drop them behind the Lakers in the race for the last Western Conference playoff seed, the Portland Trail Blazers won a game, beating the Celtics who were playing their third game in four nights. As they say in show business, any win is a good win.

Politicking: Spencer Hawes got in a fight with the Knicks because he disagrees with their liberal policies.

Well, it’s either that or because Carmelo Anthony slapped him in the back of the head. One of the two.

Wanted: Footage of LeBron James dunking home a Kyrie Irving desperation heave at the end of yesterday’s game.

Other things: Derek Fisher is back with the Thunder, so make sure to update your master document of ways the name “Derek” is currently spelled in the NBA … Fun stuff from the weekend — all the Pacers cheering for Danny Granger after he scored his first basket of the season … Robert Sacre loves crossovers … And to be honest, crossovers are actually very cool … FYI, Derrick Rose can dunk

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  1. I thought it was a very cool moment that they all cheered for Granger. Made the Pacers a more likable team, IMO.

  2. The Morris bros have same arm tattoos? Please someone analyze this, I’m lazy

  3. that wolves loss was so tough to take and look at… rubio played some inspired ball but the wolves need a shooter more badly than any other team i’ve ever seen. just ONE solid three point shooter who isn’t injured please?

  4. Nice box out by the ref on Spencer Hawes

  5. Carmelo proves again he is a coward. Bet he only gets a 10k fine too.. Metta on the other hand would be looking at assault charges for such behavior. Break out the broom and sweep this one under the rug, Stern.

  6. very good potential “boy, chandler is hot!” drop in that tyson-spencer clip.

  7. who uses a word that doesn’t mean anything like looptid? might of well have said, “Just grab ‘em in the biscuits.”

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