Carry on. Nothing to see here.┬áJust tossing a jump ball and getting out of the way. Backin’ myself out, all covert like. Don’t look at me. Go on with your day. Talk to you later. OK bye.

(via SB Nation)

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  1. nice anatomy talk to start the video too, strangely sexual

  2. It’s strange how his reaction to a grown man’s hands on his back is to instantly bend over into a full “new inmate” position… I’ll bet there are some curious things in that ref’s bio.

  3. Completely off topic: Where does that great “somebody say HAM BURGER!”-drop come from? Sorry but it’s hilarious and I kind of recognize it from somewhere so I just have to know. Anyone?

  4. The most interesting part to me is that the ref is actually as tall if not taller than some of the players…. Don’t see that very often

  5. The turtle shell

  6. Very nicely done…is it just me or he’s tall for a ref too?

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