Maybe it’s my fault for not closely examining any recent pictures of him, but why didn’t anyone tell me DeShawn Stevenson has a new tattoo on the side of his head? Come on guys. Get it together.

But yes, there it is. It definitely says “Something La Vie” and it’s definitely a head tattoo. Unfortunately, a Google search for “deshawn stevenson la vie tattoo” doesn’t help and there’s nothing useful on Twitter either. I guess this is just one of those classic scalp tattoos that goes unnoticed for months and months. Weird.

Not weird, however, is that DeShawn Stevenson decided to add another tattoo to his head. That makes all the sense in the world. I’m mostly just surprised he beat Chris Andersen to the tattooed mohawk look. Huge upset right there.

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  1. Could be wrong, but I think it says ‘C’est la vie’.

  2. Conventional wisdom says it’s probably “C’est la vie”, and I think I can make out an “st” at the end of the first word.

  3. I also think it says that but that first word is a little too hairy to be sure.

    • Knowing Deshawn, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it something like “B’est La Vie”, and in an interview he was like “Yeah man, cuz my life is the b’est, you know?” Makes about as much sense as a backwards P, anyway….

  4. Must be “c’est la vie”, I’m french and there’s not a lot of classic sayings finishing by “*st la vie”.

    • a classic saying that’s wildly popular among anglo-french thugs (“thagues”) is obviously “Fist La Vie”, but other than that I’m also at loss

  5. I’m like super slow on the whole Deshawn skull tattoo thing, but is that a Londun with a u on his head?

    • I just looked it up, and according to a J.E. Skeets blog on Yahoo, it’s ‘Londyn’, after his son’s name.

  6. Clearly its a reference to his deep love of the song C’est la vie by B*witched. Seems like its right up Deshawn’s alley.

  7. It clearly says “ATM la vie”

  8. His Daniel Day-Lewis tat is weirdest though.

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