At this point in his career, with a championship, 10 All-Star appearances and a bunch of other first ballot Hall of Fame credentials under his belt, it’s kind of weird to think that Ray Allen had a starring role in a Spike Lee movie once upon a time. But he did, and since he looks the exact same today (minus a fade) as he did then, people are always going to call Ray Allen by his character’s name, Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Those people include the Miami Heat apparently. From Fox Sports Florida:

Miami guard Mario Chalmers called ["He Got Game"] “one of my favorite movies.’’ He said Allen’s teammates sometimes call him by his character’s name.

“We do it sometimes during games when he catches a hot streak or he does something crazy,’’ Chalmers said. “We’re like, ‘Jesus.’ Sometimes he just looks over and smiles.’’

This is one of those things you love to hear. We all will drop a Jesus Shuttlesworth every now and then, so it’s good news that the Heat do it to. They’re exactly like us in every way, shape and form. Really good to know.

Even better, Ray Allen is totally OK with this persisting. Or he’ll at least act like it if you say it to him. So if you see him in the streets, yell “JESUS!!!” at the top of your lungs at him. I’m sure he’ll love it.