Ballin: Al Horford tallied more points than rebounds last night, which isn’t terribly impressive until you realize he grabbed 22 rebounds. Horford’s 23-22 double-double was the third 20-20 game of his career (first this season) and the ninth by any player this season. Oh, the Hawks also beat the Pistons, so that was good for him too.

Not so much: The Raptors’ 32 first half points from last night were fewer than three separate teams scored in a single quarter, not to mention the two other times that teams tied that number in a quarter. Maybe some of that had to do with Rudy Gay going 1-11 on the game, which is the tenth straight game he’s shot less than 50 percent from the field. (P.S. He’s only played 11 games for the Raptors. You get what you trade for.)

Game over: Pretty cool way to end a game rightchea from Andre Iguodala and Kenneth Faried.

Dip back in there and watch how much Andre Iguodala celebrates this alley-oop. He’s so happy he almost even smiles.

Standard: Through two quarters Paul Pierce was 2-5 for six points, three assists and two turnovers. He finished the overtime win at 10-20 for 26 points, eight assists, four turnovers and one dangerously low pair of shorts.

Slammajammas: This is 84 seconds of the Nuggets dunking and I’m pretty sure it’s not even half of the dunks the Lakers allowed.

78 points in the paint for the Nuggets, which is more than the Chicago Bulls have scored in total during any game this season.

Other things: Dwight Howard was scared JaVale McGee would block his hook shot, so he hesitated before he shot it. As you might guess, it ended up being blocked … Here’s the Raptors’ “Harlem Shake” video, which Amir Johnson, Sebastian Telfair and John Lucas just kill … Didn’t count, but DeMar DeRozan went between the legs for a dunk just after a whistle … And-1 streetballer Alimoe, a.k.a. “The Black Widow,” died yesterday so watch some highlights of his insane handle … More of Kenneth Faried being awesome, but this time not at basketball

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  1. WElcome to your kodak moment, you big baby.!

  2. and that is why the nuggets should be on national tv more i don’t know how many times i’ve suffered through lakers/mavericks games this year

  3. You can’t spell Wizards without Ariza. Kinda.

    Ariza shut Gay down, that was awesome. I really thought the Raps were the hotter of the ascending teams and DCs quest for vengeance would fail.

    Sort of confused by some outlets who are like “oh but Rudy shot terribly” as if he hadn’t shot 40% or less 6 times and 50% or better once since going Toronto. 37% shooters are going to shoot 9% sometimes.

    Only 16 minutes for Lucas was weird. Little PGs roast the Wizards

  4. damn, captain loyalty has lost his hops

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