Ballin: I am just going to add up the double overtime stats for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and then present them as one giant humanoid basketball superstar — 79 points, 16 rebounds, 23 assists, 33-51 shooting, two threes, five steals, three blocks, six turnovers and two fouls. For reference, four teams scored less than five points more than these two did during last night’s festivities.

Not so much: I’m not sure who I’m sadder at  — the Bulls for losing at home to the Cavs, who were playing without Kyrie Irving, or the Mavericks, who ruined Dirk Nowitzki’s 21-20 night by blowing a home game to the Bucks. Either way, ugh.

Fight night: Roy Hibbert and David Lee got in a fight about who was the nicest guy last night.

A Pacer trying to prove he’s tough? Shocking.

Gamer: Late last night, I was getting ready for bed and was deciding whether or not to DVR Clippers-Bobcats to watch in the morning. It was just after the first quarter with the Bobcats leading 30-24 and I thought to myself, “Come on, Trey. You know this is just an illusion and Charlotte won’t actually keep it close.” The Bobcats proceeded to lose the next 36 minutes by 28 points.

Wickets: Given the game and time scenario, this might be the balliest between-a-guy’s-legs pass we’ve seen.

Mad props to Goran Dragic for even thinking to throw this. Crazy.

Indicative: Here is a quick stat to let you know how last night’s Magic win over the Sixers played out — Nikola Vucevic had more rebounds (19) than the Sixers’ leading scorers, Damien Wilkins and Jeremy Pargo, had points (14). That’s probably why Doug Collins freaked out.

Fanciest pants: Because I’m indecisive today, it’s up to you to pick the fanciest play betwixt Stephen Curry killing George Hill and Chauncey Billups showing off a little bit.

I’m going with Stephen Curry here, barely, because I love Quinn Buckner’s call. A player on the team he’s calling the game for got his ankles broken, but he was so excited he couldn’t help laughing. That’s quality.

Outliers: Which is weirder — that Deron Williams scored 33 points in a game in 2013 or that Keith Bogans went 4-4 from three in a game in 2013? Either way, the Nets won.

Other things: Another great pregame dunk from LeBron James and another great in-game dunk from Blake Griffin and another super far alley-oop from Chris Paul. Ho-hum … This one got me excited though: LeBron’s behind-the-back and-one … Marcin Gortat is very disappointed … Al Harrington made his season debut last night and gave an awesome interview about it … Also funny — DeMarcus Cousins scoring while Tyreke Evans was hanging on the rim … No show today. We’re back tomorrow … Happy birthday, Mom.