The best part about this epic fail is that Tyreke Evans had a huge lead in last night’s trolling competition, right up until the moment where he bricked a wide-open layup that he got after pulling a Caron Butler on Dwyane Wade. But when the guy you stole the ball from ends up posing Captain Morgan-style on the ball while the crowd laughs at you for ruining your own prank … well, that’s embarrassing. Really embarrassing. Tough break, Tyreke.

Comments (6)

  1. This might be a “Wanker” nominee….

  2. I would have laughed if the official called the penalty for Wade putting his foot on the ball.

  3. Wade is a frickin douche

  4. JaVale of the week!

    Gotta be on Shaqtin-a-Fool

  5. Definitely a foot violation by Wade.

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