I kind of hope DeMarcus Cousins bookmarks this video on his smartphone, then carries that phone with him during every NBA game so that he can pull it out and play the video whenever he feels wronged. Mostly because I don’t think you can get a technical for playing a YouTube video, but also because it’ll save him some breath when he starts complaining. Just something to consider.

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  1. Even better was Boogie screaming “BALL DON’T LIE” after LeBron missed the first free throw.

  2. Goddamn he is a huge dude. And a huge dick.

  3. McNulty must be his favourite character on the Wire.

  4. doing his best Jimmy McNulty

  5. Homage to his former governor:


  6. he was just remixing the lebron commercial. paying homage

  7. where the fuk is todays show?

  8. Gotta love some Demarcus Cousins. I don’t want to come across as a spammer, but I recently started a tumblr that’s dedicated to showing sad nba players and Demarcus was recently included. Please check it out if you think it’s your kind of thing. And of course, feel free to spread the word.


    And again, sorry if this just comes across as spamming.

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