Ep. 935: Spicy Curry

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Stephen Curry droppin’ 54 points in Madison Square Garden, Tyson Chandler Tip-Outs™, Felton’s block, David Lee and Roy Hibbert’s suspension, the freefalling Mavericks, Ty Lawson’s February, the Nuggets’ free-throw problems, Monta Ellis’ incredible-game winner, and the hilarious call from the Pistons-Wizards game.

All that, plus board games, LeBron’s quadriceps, and which NBA player, active or retired, would have the best shot at winning “Survivor.”


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  1. can’t wait for the merge

  2. In all seriousness, please, please, please, do a Survivor Podcast.

    Get on board Tas!

  3. Y’all are crazy if you think Michael Jordan will ever let anyone else win immunity. I’m sorry if they don’t have immunity challenges anymore, I haven’t watched since season 2, which was definitely shot minutes from Leigh’s childhood home. Highlights of that season: Elizabeth. That is all.

  4. They’d call it hack-a-dala

  5. Monta Ellis have it all.

  6. Manute Bol wouldn’t win Survivor because he’s dead. Maybe throw his son into the mix.

  7. igoudala hates being called iggy

  8. It took Dirk 800 games more to pass Larry Bird in free throws? That’s almost 10 seasons, doesn’t sound right… The fact-checker needs to be fact-checked, methinks.

  9. I would pay a lot of money to watch Javale on survivor

  10. Reggie Evans would win survivor hands down. Ask Chris Kaman and Grant Hill

  11. I believe this is the third show in a row that Trey has yelled “hes a spicy one.” Please stop it Trey.

  12. Gotta give Dirk the retroactive whoa boy for the episode you missed (he had a 20-20 game in the loss). Might be the only one he gets all season!

  13. woah dudes. great basketball moment coming up for you in this weeks survivor.

  14. Nice move holding back a show you thought wasn’t up to standard. Awesome that you guys are still committed to delivering after 935 shows. Respect!

  15. Trey with the Steph Curry jersey today. Good call.

  16. guys, guys, guys… yes great game by curry and all other games you mentioned… but pls, did you watch suns-spurs? sure, I am a big suns fan so I may not be objective, but wow, what a finish to get to overtime and then surprise the spurs… it deserved to be, at least, in the conversation, right matt?

    I assume you missed the game, ’cause if you didn’t, you would have mentioned it for a minute or two…

    • … and spurs scorins 1 point in OT?!?!?! that is a rare thing… it should have been in the conversation guys !!!

    Older gentlemen don’t get the same targets on their backs the way a younger more athletic gentleman would, and he’s such a good point guard, he commands respect and controls the players around him. He’s not overpoweringly athletic, especially post-knee injury, but he’s crafty, has a high level of body control & above all is clutch. Mr Big Shot would be the Sole Survivor.

  18. So the player with the best chance at winning Survivor? I thought that meant assuming that we’d void their celebrity status, like we’re picking the best Survivor personality. You want a good athlete but not too obvious, you want smart, you want likeable, how about Steve Nash? Right height too. Now given that Steve Nash is a guy of note, I’d still pick him. If 17 Americans didn’t recognize Jeff F’in Kent?? I’ll say most if not all won’t immediately pick our Canuck PG out as a 2 time MVP.

  19. As a response to Tas saying that Steph can’t get his own shot — 42% of Curry’s 3s have been unassisted which is way below the league average. Plus, he’s shooting an insane percentage on those (partially reasons why ESPN the magazine called Curry the best 3pt shooter ever). I realize some number of those have been in transition, and some are pick and rolls, but to say he can’t do anything in isolation is not quite correct. In fact, most late-game possessions have some PNR aspect to them anyway – and he’s a capable passer and off-the-dribble shooter. Stop selling the skinny man short!

    If the 2010-11 Wizards played Survivor, would no one survive?

    • Appreciate the comment and solid stat, Larry, but I didn’t say that he’s ‘totally useless’ in iso-mode. I DID want to bring everyone back to earth before we all salivated about him endlessly. Jarrett Jack is their #1 isolation option, and that’s saying something. That is their team, that’s not me poking holes.

      Anyway, that was something. And hitting 8-for-9 from that right wing was something we didn’t mention which was pretty absurd.

  20. Luke Ridnour would own survivor

  21. Bison Dele has been playing Survivor for the past 11 years, no reason he couldn’t keep doing it while being filmed.

  22. I’ll submit a vote for Kirk Hinrich as a potential Survivor player. I have a punishment for Tas for losing February. Make him watch Survivor and have him give some serious thoughts about the show, I bet he will end up liking it. Count me in for a TBJ SurvivorCast

  23. The tipping out of a missed shot on the offensive glass seems to me the very definition of a team rebound – one guy combines with another to secure the possession – and so it should be registered as such.

    • This makes sense.
      If they were individual rebounds, say Tyson tipped it to the other team, that’s a turnover right?

      • Exactly. That’s how it should be recorded if they’re going to be fair about the current system.

  24. Regarding the David Lee vs Roy Hibbert shoving match:

    Hibbert seemed to clip Lee in the head (Lee was holding his face at least) in the previous play at the other end of the court, it looks like Lee said something to him before heading back on D. A few seconds later Hibbert came running down the lane and collided with Lee under the hoop at the Warriors defensive end. Then the shot went up and Lee pushed Hibbert, Hibbert pushed Lee, next thing you know light skinned dudes are flying all over the place.

    I remember watching it live and thinking “Wow Hibbert just put a shot on Lee”.

    • Woops, hit post too soon.

      The reason I bring this up is because the officials didn’t go back far enough when reviewing the replay of the incident, and just started with the part where Lee pushed Hibbert. Made it look as though Lee was instigator.

      Not that it really mattered in the end. It just annoyed me a little at the time.

  25. Avery Bradley would crush Survivor

  26. Dont the broadcasters just watch it from their screen. They have computers and stuff when they’re at the sideline, but im pretty sure they just keep track of the game on their screen no?

  27. Take a Swiggy at Iggy.

  28. Skeets’ new catch phrase: “Let’s be honest.”

  29. keep your eyes on Donatas Montejunas, since the rockets created a vacuum at his position he is DEFINITELY going to step up – he has NO qualms about shooting if you saw him in the summer league.

  30. Dwayne Wade would kill survivor can get anybody on his side

  31. Allan Houston for survivor. He wouldn’t be widely recognized and is still in great shape.

    Might be too tall for Skeets’ liking but I think he’d have more desire than some of the other mentions like Chauncey. Just look at his performance at the ASG last year.

    Plus he’s sneaky – they named a rule after him but then he got the Knicks to use it on Jerome Williams instead.

  32. Leigh, you piece of shit, Dirk has not played close to 800 more games than Bird. Beg for the forgiveness of your listening audience.

    • well he obviously meant attempts, which you might have figured out on your own by ‘thinking about it’. but I understand that’s no fun, so I don’t want to keep you from randomly insulting people.

  33. Iggy’s bricklaying at the stripe continues a downward trend, this being the fourth consecutive season his percentage has markedly decreased, so it’s hard to put it down to the rarefied Colorado air. Check his splits, though – as a Nugget, he’s a massive ten percent down at home. Furthermore, aggregating his free throws at the home venues of 32 teams during his career (link below) shows him least accurate in Denver. Of the 22 venues at which he’s attempted at least 41, Utah is 19th.

    Does the ball meet less atmospheric resistance in the Pepsi Center or is the pressure within the building artificially raised? It would fly slightly further in unaltered air (a demonstrated concern at the 2010 FIFA World Cup), and would demand adjustments in strength applied and an increased “feel” for the shot. Though marginal, controlling these two facets are the widely accepted obstacles for those whom generally struggle the most from the line – the biggest guys. I’d have to mine the entire NBA and compare all shooting in that building or at that altitude for a more scientific approach, but I’ve spent enough time on this….


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