I don’t know, guys. Sometimes you just want to tell everyone an old story that they might not have heard before. That’s pretty much the whole reason why I’m going to show you three little passages from the 2000-01 season regarding Sam Perkins and his headwear. Hope you enjoy it.

From Sports Illustrated:

By the NBA, the ‘do-rag that Pacers forward Sam Perkins had worn during a preseason game. The league told Perkins the headwear was a safety hazard.

From the Indianapolis Star:

Another source of stability and experience would be Perkins, the “Big Smooth.” Perkins, who had sported an interesting variety of hairstyles during his years in the NBA, touched off a minor controversy at the beginning of the new season when officials debated whether to permit him to wear his “do-rag” hankerchief tied around his head to keep his long braids in place.

And from a different Sports Illustrated:

We’re not talking strictly ordinary headbands either. Pacers center Sam Perkins, who tried to wear a do-rag this season before the league prohibited it, wears a double-wide version.

So yeah, now you all know the story about Sam Perkins trying to wear a do-rag during a preseason game but being told he couldn’t, just like I do. Good luck forgetting this because I think about it at least once a month. It’s not so bad, really. Sam Perkins facts are great.