J.R. Smith is like, “Been there bro.”

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  1. In all fairness it really did look like he hit it from that angle.

  2. The Pistons TV call was confused as well. George Blaha said something like “Shoots it from three………(ball swishes)……….and he makes…………..” at which point Kelser butts in to clarify that it did not go in, judging from the players reactions. At first Blaha thought maybe he didn’t get the shot off in time, even narrating as such on the replay until they saw he had 1.5 seconds left. Blaha blamed it on the fact that “they got us way back here.” I love Grandpa George but he gets stuff like this wrong all the time so it wasn’t that unusual for a Pistons broadcast.

  3. Pistons broadcast call: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1FYMHmUauI

    Definitely not as good, though.

  4. I wish I had a camera showing me calmly placing my 8 month old daughter on the couch, then non calmly jumping off said couch and pumping my fist in successively slower pumps before saying “wait…why isn’t Ariza happy?”

    • I sprang from my couch and scared the crap out of dog, then had a similar “why aren’t they excited?” moment haha! So close smh..

  5. P.S. Gimme some Piston news.

    • no doubt. Fucking skeets hates the pistons. Also, how was that not a bad screen on webster to keep singler away? Anyways, not too surprised the pistons tried to give it away. Great games by knight and monroe. Jose with the 18 assists (most of any piston this year I think).

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