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On today’s Overdose, The Basketball Jones discuss the Western Conference playoff race, whether Doug Collins is done with Philly, memorable Madison Square Garden moments, Derek Fisher returning to OKC’s bench, LeBron James’ pre-game dunking, and Tyreke Evans’ “Wanker of the Week” moment.

All that, plus new TBJ Army recruits, horrible birthdays, Dennis Rodman visiting Kim Jong-un in North Korea, and crazy panels we’d like to moderate at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.


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  1. I am first awesome.

  2. any TBJ shirts that aren’t XL/XXL for sale soon?

  3. Jordan also lost a Dunk Contest, Trey. Didn’t hurt his legacy at all.

    The whole issue is HE said he was gonna do the next dunk contest, then backed out of the comment a year later.

  4. I was cracking up at the Secretariat to the Ikea meatballs intro.

  5. LeBron should be Wanker of the Week for claiming he doesn’t care, but shows he cares way too much. It’s unbelievable how much is he affected by the public’s opinion.

  6. I get Trey’s thoughts on Lebron’s comments. I understand that he was being asked about it and all, but I feel like a line of “Nah I’m not doing the dunk contest, I’m just trying to have a little fun and loosen up and give fans who show up early something cool” would be fine without resorting to a “take my ball and go home” attitude of “Oh yeah, well, maybe I’ll just stop! Nyah-nyah!”

    Bron-bron should just keep doing what he’s doing, let the fans enjoy it, and leave it at that.

  7. Mike told me this crazy unbelievable story. It was so D’an-baloney.

  8. This podcast Mike D’an-BLOWS-ni. PSYCHE! D’antoni! This podcast is the best.

  9. What does he watch on TV after a bad loss
    Mike Downtonabbey

    What did he say when he bumped into Damon Wayans after a game
    Mike Damn Homie

  10. How about for a Sloan conference analysis on the following:

    Correlation between number of sex partners/promiscuity and seasonal PER.

    Wilt is the first name that comes to mind but how about other players such as J.R. Smith and even Delonte West?

  11. Alexey Sad!!!!
    This is the funny twist nobody got yet.
    That is his actual face…..he always has this sad little boy expression!

  12. What are Dwight’s technicals at these days? All is good in Laker land for now, but if he has another little hissy-fit like he did in Toronto, or MWP throws one of those elbows we all know he has, or Gasol poisons Dwight’s food because “he’s never been a bench player, and never will be” (not a verbatim quote), it could all come crashing down… that last game of the season against the Rockets could be a great one (or… on the flip side, not matter at all).

  13. Tas, you really think the Clippers are more likely to be a 4 or 5 then at least a 3 seed? I really don’t see them giving up that much ground to Golden State, Denver, or Memphis so who is going to be the three seed then?

    I may be a Clippers homer and lifelong fan, but I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic when I say this team is by far the best clippers team of my lifetime and unquestionably better than last year. The bench is a lot better in my opinion; grant hill, a healthy Chauncey (not a bench player I know), Barnes, and Crawford to some extent are fairly reliable vets who I’m more comfortable with than Reggie, k mart and Swaggy P. And of course Blake, Bledsoe, and DJ have all seen some level of rise in their play this year I’d argue, especially Blake.

    It seems to me that you just don’t believe in the Clips, but I can’t say I believe they’re better than the Thunder or Spurs irrespective my belief that this team is definitely better than last year.

    • My playoff seeding was mixed up. Please delete audio from podcast.

      Thought another question was coming from Skeets and I jumbled.

      I am slightly worried about regular-season-LAC vs playoff-LAC, and specifically against the Grizz, but that matchup shouldn’t happen anyway. A small part of me is rooting for the underdog in LA, and by that I mean a team that’s never had much success.

    • I agree…1-3 seem pretty set in the West in my opinion. The Clippers have a pretty favorable schedule for the remainder of the season, and I think everyone is too focused on that lone loss to San Antonio that they overlook that the Clips are still playing very well.

      • @clips/playoff talk: I think they’ll be fine. they’d DESTROY the warriors if they played them. and I’d even pick them over the spurs if they happen to play them. just a gut feeling with this one though.

        @lakers/playoff talk: why do you guys think that it needs more than 50% to get in? with utahs tough schedule and kinda-slumping form it’s not hard to see the lakers make it with something like a 42-40 record over utah. we’re so used to the west being super tough that we just automatically assume it’ll need like 50 wins to get in. but it doesn’t look so hot this year I think.
        so I say no way the lakers miss the playoffs.

  14. To Phil, the man that wears the lil bitty ass clothes and named himself after male ejaculate: ……


    Nobody gives a single fuck about your predictions, you’re the only one that brings them up and only if they are mildly correct.

    Cut the shit skeet

    • Ah, right. I never mention the fact that I thought Jason Maxiell was going to be an All-Star before Danny Granger. Haven’t done that on the podcast — practically every month — for the, oh, past five years or so.

      Good try, B.u.d.

      /skeets all over angry commenter

    • I give a couple of fucks…..

    • His name is Phil?

  15. What would his name be if he was the leader of a Ugandan guerrilla group?

    Mike D’anKony

  16. No chance collins gets fired! he took philly past the bulls in the playoffs, and has one of the worst rosters in basketball. It doesn’t make sense in any way to hire a new coach at this point in the season! Look when Bynum comes back Collins will get the same praise he’s used to

  17. The Un Man Who Can Stop Un.


  18. Of all the great MSG moments, how does no one mention Reggie Miller? The biggest moments of his career were in MSG; 8 points in 9 seconds, the Spike-Reggie dynamic. Those were amazing to watch.

    • agreed, but also he’s a giant douchebag and I wouldn’t want him among my favorite anything.

      but who cares because “CHANGE THIS FACE! BE HAPPY! ENJOY!”
      YEAHHHHHHHHHH RICKY DROP! how has no one commented on this yet?!?! there were so many “drop!” comments on facebook it was almost some sort of virtual chant.

  19. - hate the media player- not the media game. .

  20. Congratulations for not only getting your OD podcast linkked to on Grantland but for actually getting listed on the actual ESPNRadio Podcast page!
    You fellas are moving up in the world!
    Keep up the nice work.

  21. What would his name be if he was a lesbian?

    Dyke D’Antoni

  22. My 7 year old son was listening top the show tonight and on the walk back to the apartment said…

    “What’s a panda’s favorite food? Bamboni.”


    “What’s his favorite sandwich? Mike Balogna.”

  23. Did I….. Did I just hear a Dr. Who drop, Matty O?

  24. Skeets, save the rest of us tiny Warriors fans! We’re stressing out over here. They are falling apart, even with Steph going bananockers. Is Bogut the biggest disappointment of the season? If they miss the playoffs and the Lakers make it, all us tiny an huge fans are going to be supremely devastated. Shout out to Grandma Lana.

  25. He’s like any other coach. A little Blandtoni.

  26. Doug Collins was just rambling on. He went on a rant’oni.

  27. regarding after a bucket is scored – the referee does NOT have to touch it – there is no such rule in place. there’s two reasons i can think of as to why the scoring team throws it to the ref if they somehow end up with the ball. firstly, by throwing it to the ref, you slow down the inbounding team, giving you more time to get back in defence – that extra pass kills some time. secondly, by throwing it to the ref, you avoid any possibility of a delay of game warning – one ref is in position on the baseline, while the inbounding team often won’t have someone ready to catch it, so instead of you either holding onto the ball until the inbounding team is ready OR throwing the ball towards where you assume they’ll inbound from (both of which could be interpreted as delay of game), throw it to the ref – no ambiguity.

    also, regarding steve nash kicking the ball to speed up the inbound process when he played for the suns – kicking the ball is only a violation if the ball is in play. the ball is NOT in play after a made bucket.

  28. Just listened to the episode since my wife likes my to wait until Saturday so we can listen together. I had a great D’Antoni one for pun gun and had to share:

    Where does Mike D’Antoni sit on the Lakers bench? He doesn’t, it’s Mike standing only. Zing!

  29. What would you call the coach of the Lakers if he were a big fan of My Little Pony?

    Mike D’Anbrony

    What was his nickname when he was little?

    Tyke D’Antoni

    What would we call a Mike D’Antoni imposter?

    Mike D’Anphony

  30. Hey guys, not sure if someone asked this already, but is there a nba all star jam session video this year? Always liked to see skeets and tas compete against each other

  31. What happened to the Tas chicken drop???

  32. If he wanted to get Dwight to leave LA, what would he change his name to?

    Mike Stan-toni.

  33. I’m very late to the table here, but didn’t MJ lose a 3-point contest… pretty badly, like lowest point total ever?

    Don’t think that ruined his legacy as a shooter.

  34. Stop the shout outs.

  35. weak pun gun this time…i’m beginning to think you are all mike D’anPHONIES

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