I don’t know which I want more — to hug Ricky Rubio or to have Ricky Rubio hug me. Either way, getting a hug out of the deal, so win-win.

(via CJ Fogler)

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  1. “Change this face.”

    Love it.

  2. I watched the game and thought ‘wow this just HAS to be on TBJ tomorrow’. I even predicted the headline (to myself. way to get into my head, trey kerby)

    • also, doesn’t it make you go Awwwwwww when you see shved actually smiling after rubios verbal hug?
      geez ricky’s like a very skilled teddy bear.

  3. refreshing to see in a pro athlete.

  4. Adorable!
    But it does make me wonder how much these two guys can really say to each other…. Alexey and Rubio are not known for their English fluency. #InternationalLanguageOfSmiles

  5. Had to share this with my rec league team that just missed the playoffs for the second straight season. We suck…. we’re idiots…

  6. As someone who gets it a lot, there’s nothing more infuriating than being told to “be happy” or to “smile”. I’ve never been told to “change this face,” though. That could be a different experience altogether.

  7. Great but that’s like the last words of a sidekick in a buddy action movie tho.

  8. Needs a “happy mash-up” with Pops.

  9. Too cute for words!

    This is why I stopped watching soccer and switched to basketball – they’re just a better class of athlete.


  10. I think you’re misinterpreting this. It’s obvious Ricky was ordering Shved to switch faces with him in an elaborate scheme to infiltrate the Russian Mafia a la john travolta in FaceOff. I’m 99.99% sure that’s what this was…..

    • but still he’s so positive about that plan!
      (also that scheme is way too complicated, ricky could just shoot a guy straight up – I mean look at him! it’d be impossible to stay mad at him, he could get away with anything!)

  11. soo whos gonna be the first one to autotune this, make a song about being happy, with some dude gangstyle dancing and ending it with the harlem shake?

  12. please, someone make a stencilized meme of it now!

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