Ballin: Joakim Noah went for 23 points, 21 rebounds, 11 blocks and one morning text message from my dad that read “Noah needs to work on assist total.” Mr. Jokes over here.

Not so much: DeAndre Jordan got a bloody nose last night. Since no one else, team or player, really had a terrible game, let’s feel bad for DeAndre Jordan. Awwwwwww.

Ambidextrous: Can I interest you in a left-handed Blake Griffin dunk? They’re a rare delicacy.

If only he’d started a step further from the basket, we could have had our third annual Mosgoving.

OK good: After starting his abbreviated season shooting 2-17 from the floor, Danny Granger went 5-10 from the field and made his first three of the year. Cool for the Pacers.

Wrapper’s delight: If you’re going to watch another Blake Griffin dunk, you might as well also watch another brilliant Ricky Rubio pass.

This reminds me of a pass that Mike Miller threw back in college, which I’ve always loved. Put some heavy spin on a ball and I’m pretty much guaranteed to like it.

Secret: Don’t tell anybody, but Derrick Williams was actually good in February. He averaged 14 and 8 for the month, but it’s the shortest of all the months, so I’m not even sure if that should really count.

Bean bone: Hey, here’s a Kobe Bryant dunk.

Still got it.

Other things: Nikola Pekovic met Zach Galifianakis and the resulting picture is hilarious … Sorry about your ankles, Paul George … Chris Webber is very good with a walkerAnother nice move from Ricky Rubio … The Heat and “Inside the NBA” both did “Harlem Shake” videos