Maybe you are tired of the “Harlem Shake” meme, which, you know, fair enough. But even if that’s the case, I guarantee these two quotes about the video will be worth your while. First is Shane Battier, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post:

“Whenever I’m tapped for something like that, I go to the horsehead,” Battier said. “It’s undefeated. If you need some weird things, I’m your guy.  So I was the ‘horsetronaut.’”

And we’ll follow that beauty with one from Dwyane Wade, also from the Palm Beach Post:

He brought a giant bear head, which appeared straight out of a Kanye West video.

“That was for me a little dedication to Chicago, but also my love for teddy bears,” Wade said.

It’s literally impossible to decide which of these is funnier — that Shane Battier always goes to the horsehead, which probably means he’s worn a lot of horseheads, or that Dwyane Wade chose a bear head because he’s from Chicago but also more because he really loves teddy bears — so I vote we give them co-ownership of the Best NBA Quote About the Harlem Shake award. It’s so prestigious that splitting it isn’t really all that bad.

(via James Herbert)