Maybe you are tired of the “Harlem Shake” meme, which, you know, fair enough. But even if that’s the case, I guarantee these two quotes about the video will be worth your while. First is Shane Battier, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post:

“Whenever I’m tapped for something like that, I go to the horsehead,” Battier said. “It’s undefeated. If you need some weird things, I’m your guy.  So I was the ‘horsetronaut.’”

And we’ll follow that beauty with one from Dwyane Wade, also from the Palm Beach Post:

He brought a giant bear head, which appeared straight out of a Kanye West video.

“That was for me a little dedication to Chicago, but also my love for teddy bears,” Wade said.

It’s literally impossible to decide which of these is funnier — that Shane Battier always goes to the horsehead, which probably means he’s worn a lot of horseheads, or that Dwyane Wade chose a bear head because he’s from Chicago but also more because he really loves teddy bears — so I vote we give them co-ownership of the Best NBA Quote About the Harlem Shake award. It’s so prestigious that splitting it isn’t really all that bad.

(via James Herbert)

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  1. Horse heads of course. Horse heads are never not funny.

  2. “This one is gold !”

    Times 3 because the quotes and the video are gold :-)

  3. Yo, the Basketball Jones Podcast is on Grantland. Bet you knew that already. Joining Zack Lowe and Kirk Goldsberry. Excellent company. Canada makes better music then Boston these days, but we got Avery Bradley. Keep up the entertaining work.

  4. PS Ray Allen had some fun. That is why dude wanted to change teams. Fun not rings. Why you so serious Rajon?

  5. Haha at 6’8 guy wearing horse head – reverse centaur.

    • This is why my Rockets had to trade Shane — I mean, he was a great player, but we don’t hire dirty centaurs.

  6. I liked the Raps one but this is just brilliant!

  7. Points to Battier for coining the term “horsetronaut”.

  8. Horsetronaut wins for sure, but he’s woefully under used in this video!

    Also, I love that birdman just doesn’t dance after the drop, he looks like he’s about to do a raid with the sons of anarchy… Scary dude

  9. Please tell me you guys didn’t miss Birdman in the top left corner just standing there the entire time, not moving at all…hilarious.

  10. This just ruined it for me.

  11. The best part is Chalmers because, although most of you think he’s dressed as Mario for the obvious reference to his first name, it’s actually an homage to his nickname spawned by the tv show the Simpsons. His nickname, which I’m sure you all know, is Super Nintendo Chalmers.

  12. Birdman scares me… really does..

  13. Hold up. Did The Riles & Zo approve this little ditty? I will have vivid nightmares after viewing this. My fascination w/NBA is…I love the entertainment, which is both world class & hood-rat all mangled together. When I heard Birdman was flying to SoBe to ride the pine next to Mike Miller, I did not know he would also be choreographer-in-chief? Watch out Paula Abdul. Well done Birdman…you’ve managed to keep your egomaniac, dirty, self-righteous, teammates shining bright. Round of crunkjuice on me. Make mine a double. And wtf do teddy bears have to do w/Chicago?

    • Kanye West’s “mascot” for his first 3 albums is a giant teddy bear. Chicago is mentioned several times throughout these albums because that’s where Kanye was born and raised (like wade), so in that sense the bear represents Chicago.

    • The Cubs maybe?

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