This is one of those stories that matters to a very small number of people, but it just might matter a lot to those people. Box Out Kid, the kid we always see at All-Star Weekend getting all up in the scrums who also somehow showed up on stage at the Heat’s championship celebration, loves the name so much that he’s had some custom shoes made to honor how he’s always getting in everybody’s way.

From Mache’s Instagram:

“Ring Ceremony/Box Out Kid” PE- not everything can be done on ID lol, these were derived from the “Ring Ceremony” PEs Bron wore opening night but with a twist. The customer wanted to represent his son known as “The Box Out Kid” who was onstage last June when the Heat won the championship trophy. He was hard to miss wearing his “Big Bang” 9s so I incorporated @herbjuice custom Big Bang tags to represent his moment.

Mache is pretty much at the top of the shoe customization game, so this is a pretty good get for Box Out Kid, who is apparently going to be going by that from now on. Smart decision. Better to become a brand now, rather than waiting until after high school. I don’t even know what his real name is and I’m glad he dropped it.

But yeah, Box Out Kid has some custom LeBron Xs now, and they legitimately say “Box Out Kid” on them. Outside of some “Durantula” shirts, this is the most successful a TBJ nickname has ever become. Congratulations to us.

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  1. This is kid is going to be such a douche in about 5 years time

  2. Wow, that kid’s dad is NICE. And has some resources. In response to the post above, over/under he OD’s by 27? Not good.

  3. #ThisOneIsGold (literally)

    • Why isn’t that a monthly sketch yet? Also more drafts, pick a starting five monday to monday, stats driven, loser gets first pick for each team while winner gets last pick for each team.

  4. Stay humble and hungry box out kid, don’t let one championship get to you’re head! Keep this dream going box out… You could be the next kanye, world series, espeys, golden globes, winter olympics, grammys, oscars 2014 baby, I believe!

  5. His name is Benny Taubenfeld. Don’t know much about him. Would be great to hear how all this started.

  6. i don’t usually go for really flashy kicks, but those are pretty badass.

  7. Pretty sure that was written with a pen. Dunno if that qualifies as custom.

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