Ballin: Well, Kobe went for 34 points (11 in the fourth), had a huge dunk and hit a game-winner, so him.

Not so much: The Kings (last place in the Western Conference) beat the Bobcats (last place in the Eastern Conference) by 36 points last night, definitively proving which conference is the best.

Anticlimactic: Haven’t checked the Twitter archives, but I’m pretty sure LeBron James saw this game-icing J.R. Smith turnover coming last Wednesday.

Not the most exciting ending to a really fun basketball game, but that’s what lazy passes right in front of one of the NBA’s best defenders — who happens to have the speed of an NFL tight end — will get you.

Boners: The Bobcats’ 36-point loss wasn’t even yesterday’s most humiliating defeat. Nope, that honor goes to the Detroit Pistons, who lost to a Tony Parker-less Spurs team by 39. The Mavericks also lost to the Rockets by 33, which seems almost trivial at this point.

Gentle cycle: John Wall is dizzy.

I feel like Nick Young watched that play happen, then immediately left the arena to chill in the locker room while thinking about all the times he used to make 360 layups for the Wizards. Then he got sad. Then he got some leopard print shoes. Then he got a haircut. Then he got a bag of beans and just started eating raw pintos to fight the pain.

Synopsis: No Taj Gibson for the Bulls meant Luol Deng on David West down the stretch, which meant David West went for 10 points in the games final seven-and-a-half minutes. No Derrick Rose — and to a lesser extent, no Kirk Hinrich — meant the Bulls couldn’t get a real shot up on three of their last five possessions. Guess what? The Bulls lost.

Dick: Serge Ibaka has always been a big Nicolas Batum fan.

Here’s one of my basketball mottoes — Don’t punch another guy, especially below the waistband. It’s a pretty simple policy, but I feel like it’s effective. Someone tell every NBA player.

For completists only: The Grizzlies beat the Magic by 26 and the game’s leading scorer (Tayshaun Prince) had 14 points.

Other things: Here’s something you don’t see every day — a buzzer-beating four-point play … The Nuggets did a “Harlem Shake” video … An enjoyable LeBron James alley-oop … Here is more than one picture of DeMarcus Cousins warming up in a luchador mask … Derrick Rose was on the bench for the Bulls last night, which is so not a big deal