He can still dunk.

And he can still hit impossible game-winners between two defenders as the clock is running down. So in conclusion — yes, still good at basketball.

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  1. Hey Trey, no shit.

  2. The best closer in the game.. Just closed the lid on the lakers swear jar lol

  3. This sums up Josh Smith’s season really well – Kobe blows right by him for the dunk, doesn’t rotate and contest an easy Kobe drive.

    And Hawks fans will tell you he doesn’t box out. This guy is gonna decline sharply once his physical tools are gone.

    But still props to Kobe on the big dunk.

  4. am i person upset that the hawk aren’t wearing a Los Hawks jerseys? they have Al Horford starting and beasting on that team..

  5. #CountonTreyBeingSnarky

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