Because Yao Ming is awesome, he is using his status as one of the most famous people from the world’s most populous nation for good by doing stuff like attending parliament sessions to discuss the development of China and what he can do to help. And because he’s literally a giant, it always looks crazy. So without further ado, here’s what it’s like when Yao attends a political conference.

First of all, he has to sit on the side because he’s way too tall. That’s just common courtesy for a tallie, so it’s not too surprising. So he doesn’t get lonely, people will occasionally join him.


As you can see, Yao always pays attention. Sometimes he doesn’t like what he hears and has to think really hard about what’s been said.


And then sometimes, because it’s unavoidable, Yao Ming and the rest of the people have to stand up and you see just how enormous he really is.


At least it’s easy to see his badge.

And that’s what it’s like for Yao Ming to attend a political conference. He just goes there, bes tall and then looks Photoshopped no matter what he’s doing. All in a day’s work.

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  1. the person sitting behind him will either be like “damn! i can’t see!” or “score! i can sleep and no one will notice”

  2. Do us all a favor and stop posting on this site.

  3. It’s great that it’s so visible and all, but why does Yao MIng even need an ID badge? Like, even on the off chance that the security guy doesn’t recognize him, how many other 7’6″ guys are walking around parliament offices on any given day? In two of the pictures in the post, there’s literally a guy three feet from his head taking more pictures. He is not a dude who blends in.

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