If you’re like me, it’s kind of hard for you to tell if Baron Davis is really in the NBA any more. He played last season, blew his knee out in the playoffs and is kind of just hanging around the Knicks. Last summer he said he wasn’t ready to retire, but it’s been nearly a year since Boom’s knee exploded and I don’t think we’ve heard anything about him even possibly returning to the league since August of last year, when he said he wanted to come back this season which is pretty obviously not happening. He’s a real nowhere man.

But here is something that Baron Davis definitely is — a future television show host. From

The newly revamped Esquire Network (formerly G4), which targets upscale males, continues to aggressively build up content, ordering two new six-episode reality primetime series to a premiere this summer.

The half-hour How I Rock It (working title), from Ryan Seacrest Prods. and Citizen Jones, host and NBA superstar Baron Davis profiles athletes, musicians, celebrities, designers, influencers and street-style icons whose careers, lives and lifestyles are setting a stylish new standard for today’s modern man.

This won’t be the first time Baron has been on TV and it wouldn’t be the first time an active NBA player has hosted a television show, but I have to think that a television network owned by a magazine picking up a show about a basketball player talking to people about style means that he’s focusing his efforts towards things that aren’t necessarily about coming back to the NBA. Which is fine.

Considering he’s one of the masterminds behind The NOC TV — you know, that YouTube channel that gets athletes to do funny things like use a fart machine or wear a horse head and you’re always like “What is NOC TV?” because Davis’ role is kind of underpublicized and the channel just kind of showed up out of nowhere — and has produced films, had cameo spots in a few different things and is generally an engaging dude, why not talk to other famous people about style? I mean, if this guy doesn’t know what the stylish new standard is for today’s man, I don’t know who does. I probably wouldn’t pick Baron Davis off the top of my head as the NBA player most likely to host a show about men’s style called “How I Rock It (working title)” but that’s only because I’m not sure if he counts as an NBA player, as I’ve explained. If he does, he’s the obvious choice. (If not, Tim Duncan, duh.)

And if he does come back to the NBA, that’s cool too. Not only do the Knicks love old point guards who are past their prime, they also really need someone to talk to Tyson Chandler about what’s going on with his half-pants. Who better than an Esquire-endorsed television host?

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