On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” Georges St. Pierre, an intoxicated Dikembe Mutombo, some weird British lady, and a host of others stop by the studio to discuss the Jazz/Bucks overtime thriller, Amar’e Stoudemire’s efficiency, and whether J.J. Barea deserves a one-game suspension for leveling Ray Allen.

All that, plus bandwagon playoff teams, the year of 1876, and a Russian Kate Upton doppelganger.


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  1. the lights shone too brightly for tas melas. he calls himself a man of a thousand voices, but he loses them all when the pressures on. the choken one, ass malaise.

  2. I would not have minded if the whole episode was in Jamaican accent.

  3. At school till late tonight, so I won’t be able to listen until I get home (as usual), so I don’t know what ya’ll said about Barea’s “flagrant” foul last night. That said, I was at the game last night, and there is NO WAY Barea should be suspended. It should never have been a flagrant 1, let alone upgraded to a flagrant 2. If Allen didn’t react the way he did, we wouldn’t be talking about this at all, and that’s reason enough not to suspend the guy.

    What made it worse was that Adelman got T’d up for not shutting up about how stupid the call was, and on a possession not more than a minute later, the same ref called Shved for a REALLY questionable leg-kick offensive foul on a made three that would’ve pulled the Wolves within four (roughly). That string of calls were certainly not the reason the Wolves lost, but they also definitely gave the perception that the refs were not going to let the Wolves back into the game.

    And I say all this as a Wolves fan who hopes Barea gets suspended, because he blows.

    • Just got to the point in the pod where the guys talk Barea. Tas, you are mistaken about the “You’re a p***y” insults being what upgraded the flagrant to a flagrant 2. JJ shouted those insults at Ray Allen as he was walking off the court, AFTER being ejected. The refs ejected Barea because they felt his chest bump into Ray Allen was harsher than Ibaka punching Blake in the nuts or Jarrett Jack intentionally punching Greg Steisma in the chest last week.

      Which is silly. Watch the video and you’ll see Jesus Shuttlesworth bounce up barking like a dog at Barea. Even Ray Allen can act tough if he’s angry at a 5′ 10″ basketball player. (BTW, Ray wanted NO PART of Barea. Fake tough guy alert.)

      The whole thing was silly. Barea didn’t deserve a Flagrant 2 and I expect the league to turn it back into a flagrant 1 today or tomorrow.

      Also, the Wolves had cut the lead to 6 at that point. After Ray’s 3 free-throws (2 for the flagrant, 1 for Adelman’s tech), Shved responds with a HUUUUUGE 3-pointer that was immediately waved off. I get that refs are trying to call more penalties on 3-point shooters who kick their legs out, but this call was TERRIBLE. The “kick legs out” foul is one of the most inconsistently called fouls in the league. Martell Webster and Jamal Crawford still get the and-1 on what Alexey got whistled for last night. Until the refs can be consistent, maybe they shouldn’t choose to force that call IMMEDIATELY AFTER they give the Heat 3 free points with another terrible call.

      We all know refs can choose to call WAY MORE fouls than they do. Refs try to control the flow of the game by calling falls consistently. Why did the refs choose to whistle Alexey right there? The Target Center was buzzing before the Barea call. In the course of 30 seconds, the referees gave the Heat 6 points, called the Wolves for 3 fouls, ejected a Wolves player and killed all energy in the arena. The place was a morgue afterwards. People started leaving early. The Wolves weren’t going to win that game either way, but as a paying customer I was VERY UPSET that the referees decided to take the fun and the fight out of that basketball game.

      • Also, the refs realized they effed up. They called a bunch of terrible make-up calls on LeBron and the Heat afterwards. But at that point, the Heat had already taken a dominating-lead after a 10-0, referee-assisted Heat run. Make-up calls happen every night in the NBA, but it really sucks when your team gets the make-up calls AFTER the poor officiating gave the opposing team an insurmountable lead.

    • I second this motion.

  4. Not a believable Leigh Ellis, didn’t mention a Kate once.

  5. The Nuggets do NOT live and die off of turnovers. They rank 11th in the league, just slightly above average, at defensive turnover rate (not totals, that’s skewed by pace). The Nuggets are so good at running right now that they don’t need turnovers to fast break. It’ll slow down some in the playoffs but if you give them any opportunity to run, any at all, they will exploit it.

  6. Boyson indahouse, respec’.

  7. Best book off payoff ever. Tass is just a funny dude.

  8. When will impersonated English accents stop resembling the voices from the Mary Poppins era?

  9. I think an error was that Skeets said “Harlem Shuffling” instead of “Harlem Shaking.” Lol

  10. Hilarious show today.

  11. The older book off payoffs were better lol nothin compares to that time tas had to be a stripper. Maybe for the next payoff the loser has to prank call a random number on speaker an just say his thoughts about the game to that person lol

  12. i really can’t believe you guys think the flagrant 1 against barea was justified. barea was playing D – he didn’t “barrel” into ray” – and ray flopped. it should have been a regular foul on barea and that was it. for it then to be upgraded to a flagrant 2 (and not for jawing, as has already been pointed out) was simply disgraceful officiating.

    and i’m saying this as someone who isn’t a wolves fan, and who actually dislikes barea. though at least the whole incident continues to justify my opinion of ray allen as a prissy little whiner.

  13. Top show today kids but a Lil disappointed cos I was waiting for Tassys best voice, which is his version of the Miami play by play guy: Eric something. Man I hate that dudes voice but I loved when Tas did it.
    Please chuck a line or two in the next show.

  14. Last couple of book-off payoffs (Skeets singing, Tas accents) have been kinda weak. You guys get get one or two sentences in, act embarrassed, and give up. Not much of a payoff. Keep your head in the game!

    On this one, it probably didn’t help that people started interrupting Tas to critique his accents.

  15. God, how dense am I?

    It took me forever to figure how wtf you meant by Barea calling Allen a “cat.”
    (which is totally hilarious, btw)

    In the future, for the slow witted among your listeners, can you go with “kitty” instead, and maybe a “meow” drop or two — that would have hit home a lot quicker.


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