Russell Westbrook loves dancing

If you’ve watched him for more than six seconds of a basketball game, it’s easy to think Russell Westbrook is a big meanie. Whether it’s after a foul call, during a dunk, whilst celebrating a three-pointer or while being asked if he’s a cat or a dog, there’s just something simultaneously confrontational and couldn’t-be-bothered about his approach to everything in life. It’s like he doesn’t care anyone else is there, but also hates them for being there.

But that’s all a big misconception. As it turns out, Russell Westbrook likes having fun and LOVES dancing. From Tzvi Twersky’s SLAM profile of the Thunder guard:

“He’s a dancing machine,” says Perkins, before sarcastically calling Russell a diva. “He’s just a guy who likes to dance all the time.”

“He stays chilling,” says his younger brother, Raynard. “He’s funny. We laugh and joke all day, every day.”

“It’s accurate,” says Westbrook. “It’s very accurate. I dance, I like to have fun and good times.”

I guess this explains why Russell Westbrook knows all the words to that Ke$ha song, which is something I’ve been meaning to get to the bottom of. And also why he knows all the words to that Nicki Minaj song, which is something I wanted to get to the bottom of until I saw him singing Ke$ha. If he loves dancing so much, obviously he needs some dance songs with monster beat drops and breakdowns and whatnot. I’m glad these mysteries have been solved.

Not to mention, there’s a pretty obvious marketing opportunity here for Jordan Brand. Everyone thinks Kevin Durant is the nicest guy around, so Nike hit him with a “KD is Not Nice” campaign and now everyone thinks he’s a menace. So since everyone thinks Russell Westbrook never has any fun, maybe Jordan should go for a “Russell Westbrook Likes Having Fun” series of ads with him dancing or smiling or not hating anyone who isn’t on the Thunder. Just something to think about.