Get that anger out of your brain and indulge in a pre-MLB Ichiro meeting Michael Jordan for the first time. Make sure to notice Ichiro’s tremendous “Tom & Jerry” sweatshirt, Jordan (of course) noticing Ichiro’s Carmine Jordan VIs and a good three minutes of the nicest Michael Jordan has ever been to someone he’s never met. All in all, a great watch.

(via SportsGrid)

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  1. Lmao.. ichiro such a young lad at that time

  2. Hah.. So is being nice an act, or is being a jerk an act?

    Ponder on that for a while…

  3. LOL when ichiro told jordan how many hits he had that year, jordan was thinking he can have double the amount. Im surprised he didnt challenge him! lol

  4. haha. That was funny

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