Ep. 939: Liar Liar

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss OKC’s near perfect game, Dwight’s back, another potential Lakers/Thunder playoff matchup, Ibaka not getting suspended, Avery Bradley’s sudden two-way game, Jordan Crawford’s hunch, the continuing Andrew Bynum saga, and why Tyreke Evans should hope to become an Iguodala-like player.

All that, plus the best centers in the league, Linas Kleiza stories, and whether sleeping on a train is comfortable.


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  1. Unclear whether there was some trapped wind in the upper portion of today’s shirt or we were just getting a taste of the full 227 (Jackee would be proud).

  2. No lakers bias maybe, but surely the fact he’d miss the nationally televised game was accounted for. We saw this earlier in the season with the Spurs, I think he would have been suspended otherwise.

  3. Definitely traveling by train is the best. Sleepers are great, but the seats are much more spacious and you generally have a lounge car or canteen on amtrak. The dining car tends to be pretty damn good foodwise as well. Now, if only this backwards continent could get some high speed rail!

  4. Liar Liar on Russell Westbrook. We can finally know the true answer to whether he’s a cat or dog.

  5. Matt Osten is in the conversation for best podcast producer.

  6. I was watching the highlights of 2002 playoff series of the Lakers and Kings and I feel the refs are the ones who took away Webbers chance of winning a ring and gave Kobe the extra ring. What do you guys think of the game?

  7. Was the cameraman standing on a boat this week?

  8. Hey guys. I’m actually listening while on a train…. getting sleepy Zzzzzz

  9. People not wishing Shaq a happy birthday: Stan van Gundy, Gilbert Arenas, Jacques Vaughn, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh

  10. Interview Vince Carter for liar, liar

  11. I’d take Jordan for Liar Liar if retired players are allowed.

  12. Can I get some Greg Monroe Love on the NBA’s “Best Centers” front?

    Noah was so slight when he can into the league from Florida opponents mopped the floor with his shaggy head.

    Everyone agrees Horford is a 4-spot, and most feel the same about Ibaka.

    Monroe was legit 5-spot right out of the box, and has quietly and efficiently average 16 & 9.5 — only half a board from averaging a double-double, stats essentially comparable to both Noah and Horford — all on a terrible team.


  13. Not acknowledging Blake’s jersey pulling multiple times? If the ref ain’t going to call fouling – then break away. I guess non-calls on clearing out with a chicken wing or full on swim have brain-washed the masses into ‘more offense mindset’ as if reactionary defense isn’t already at a disadvantage to jeet-kune-do.

  14. Liar Liar with either Jordan or Stern, to get the real truth on whether Jordan’s first retirement was actually a suspension related to gambling.

  15. Does it seem to anyone else that Phil Jackson might be trying to sabotage D’Antoni by way of encouraging Dwight to get rest and not fight too hard this season? I wouldn’t put it past the ol’ Zen master.

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