Just a day after we found out that Nick Young has a mullet, we now find out whether or not it’s really a mullet. I know that sounds confusing, but some people will call whatever that is a “bump,” or a “patch,” or a “ducktail.” So just for clarification, here is some clarification. From the 700 Level:

Asked what the new ‘do was called, Swaggy got creative.

“It’s the Shaggy P,” he said.

Fellow strange-hair-wearer Spencer Hawes weighed in with a few thoughts of his own.

“It’s the black mullet, the bullet,” Hawes joked.


We pushed Swaggy for clarification. Is the Shaggy P. really a mullet?

“Kind of,” he said with a smile.

Well that clears up absolutely nothing. It’s not a “bullet” because it’s not a bullet and it’s only “kind of” a mullet. I guess we will just have to call it “the Shaggy P” because rhyming is great and there aren’t really any other options.

I’ll accept “Kanye mullet” or “Billy Ocean head” as well.

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  1. When I grew up, it was called a shag.

  2. lol i remember a couple years ago a whole bunch of the guys from the Caribbean that went to my university had these. Pretty ridiculous, definetly the black mullet

    • In the netherlands this haircut is common among people from the dutch antilles.
      it must be a carribean thing

  3. Isn’t that a fag-tag?

  4. That is a “Shag” Like what Theo Huxtable used to wear.

  5. I’ll go with ducktail!

  6. It’s a Nick Young No Passing special

  7. I’ve heard Canadians call a mullet a “hockey haircut”. Well, just one Canadian guy, from Nova Scotia. Is that a thing that other people say?

  8. New Edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Business up front? Check.
    Party in the back? Discount double check!
    A mullet by any other name…

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