Ballin: The Oklahoma City Thunder turned the ball over exactly two times in their win over the Lakers, setting an NBA record for surest hands. Impressive considering the Thunder are third-worst in terms of turnover percentage and have six players who average at least 1.4 turnovers per game.

Not so much: DeMarcus Cousins went 1-12 from the field and turned the ball over three times. That’s bad, but it gets even worse.

Proof: Here’s evidence that a 1-12 shooting night wasn’t the worst part of DeMarcus Cousins’ Tuesday.

Yep, DeMarcus Cousins made exactly as many shots for the Nuggets as he did his own team. Plus, he kind of got dunked on by JaVale McGee, though I’d argue this is more of a “dunked near” situation.

Ouch: Kobe Bryant got hit in the funny bone, asked out of the game for the first time anyone can remember, subsequently returned with his arm totally straight except for when he was shooting when it was totally fine, then quoted “Wedding Crashers” on Twitter. Weird night.

Shakey: Of all the times Russell Westbrook toyed with Kobe Bryant, this was probably my favorite.

If we’ve learned anything from the AND1 Mixtapes, it’s that scoring after a beautiful move isn’t always necessary.

Back back and forth and forth, check out my gravel pit: Following last night’s win, the Celtics have won three straight games. Couple that with the Hawks losing three straight and Boston is within one game of the six seed and just a game-and-a-half out of four. Convenient, then, that the Celtics and Hawks throw down this Friday.

Other things: Congratulations to Russell Westbrook for being the first athlete to grace the cover of Flaunt magazine, which is something to be proud of I am guessing … Here’s almost eight minutes of Avery Bradley’s full court defense, if you’re interested … JaVale McGee was on last night’s episode of “Shaqtin’ a Fool” for blocking a shot … Derrick Rose is now listed as day-to-day … Another fan made a halfcourt shot for prizes last night