Who are the ad geniuses that came up with this one? Because it really feels like this is another genius feather to stick in their genius hat. Old guy talking to comic book enthusiasts? Nailed it.

(via Suns.com/Ananth Pandian)

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  1. …Unless that’s a Cedric Ceballos blindfold

  2. Apparently the Suns’ promos spots are as good as their on court play

  3. I like how he calls himself “TC”

  4. We recently named our water-bong Old Tom Chambers. Cool smoking bro.

  5. when superman’s excited to meet you, you know you’ve made it. way to go, chambers!

  6. I want more Tom Chambers interviews!

  7. Here at the “commie” convention

    TC, interviewing communism since the 17th century sabre-toothed tigers went extinct

  8. Bravery? I ain’t scared

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