On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap an insane night of NBA basketball. Topics discussed include: the Lakers’ miraculous comeback, Dwight’s best defensive game of the season, the Mavs and Cavs helping L.A. out, the Celtics’ final play, Indy’s offensive woes, LeBron’s game-winner, the questionable officiating in the Magic-Heat game, and Patty Millions.

All that, plus Leigh opens a pack of ’91-92 NBA Hoops basketball cards. Rejoice!


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  1. When does tbj come back

  2. haha nba is rigged as! hornets get outscored 33-9 at home against the lakers D.. literally the only way LA wins and makes the playoffs


    I think LA wins 2 playoff series

  3. Skeets, I think you’re thinking of the Upper Deck cards from 91/92:


    They had the drawings.

  4. TBJ, i love your episodes but miss ‘watching your episodes’ your facial expressions, jokes, why don’t you guys post videos like you did last season? i miss crossfireeee, and although the other analysts at the score are good, i miss you guys on NBA court surfing. Come BACK!!

  5. Props to Trey for his Escher-like technique to mask the pounds but you ain’t foolin’ this MC.

  6. I’m a Bucks fan, and I watched the entire Clips-Bucks game last night. I loved the Crawford-Griffin oop. Definitely one of the best in-game dunks I’ve ever seen. When you watch the Clippers, you expect some highlights, whether you’re cheering for or against them, so I thought that was pretty sweet.

  7. This is one the Cavs needed to win, not tank. If LA gets the last spot, Cleveland gets to swap Miami’s first round for LA’s first round which would give Cleveland two first half of the first round picks, one in the lottery and one just out of the lottery.

  8. great show today, we was laughing.

  9. I was at the Clippers game. My buddy and I were laughing at the assists being credited to Blake. The most egregious one was Blake handing the ball to CP3 at the top of the key and Chris driving for a layup. The scorekeepers were definitely working pretty loose to get him that triple double.

  10. Do the cards not get posted to this site? Or just on FB?

  11. Is that true about the proper nouns thing? If so, why do the Knicks jerseys say Nueva York?

  12. You should send out those extra packs to TBJ Army members who promise to upload videos of themselves imitating Leigh while they open them.

  13. so what is this playlist thing u beat detlef at?

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