I don’t know that I’ve ever really considered how NBA players pack underwear for long road trips, but thanks to Kyrie Irving we have an answer to that question. And the solution, as it turns out, is just to buy a lot of underwear all the time.

From GQ:

How do you pack for, like, a 12-day road trip?
I take everything from the dry cleaner and just throw it in there. I don’t even know if it matches or anything like that, I just throw in shoes and my dry cleaning.

Do you do laundry along the way? Or do you have to pack 12 pairs of underwear?
I just buy new packs before every road trip.

So it’s like disposable underwear?

There is beauty in simplicity, people. If you have a lot of money and do a lot of traveling, it’s better to just buy a bunch of underwear any time you need them. It’s called supply and demand or logic or something else and it makes all the sense in the world.

Not to mention, if you just keep buying new underwear all the time, your “favorite pairs” will last longer when you just leave them at home. Smart, because not only does that extend the life of your favesies, it also gives you something special to look forward to when you arrive back at the crib. Basically, Kyrie Irving is a genius and now you know how he handles his underwear. Never forget.

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  1. Aren’t those like 20 bucks a bag? Wow. Some nice margins for Hanes, probably costs them about $2 or $3 a bag to make.

  2. This really bothers me.

  3. This does not bother me. Who wants to wear Kyrie’s sweaty second hand undies after they’ve been game worn?! On second thought, he probably donates them to charity auctions…

  4. Nothing quite like slipping into a fresh pair of undies. Cool, and oh so crisp.

  5. Iverson used to do this with suits and full wardrobes, he’d just leave them at hotels. Improvement.

  6. Genius? More like disorganized. Does EVERY NBA player buy new underwear for every road trip they go on? No. They wash the ones they have. Every dry cleaner in the USA has a laundry service.
    Kyrie – use that Duke education, and do a better job of planning your daily schedule.
    (Also, it would probably take less time to take your dirty laundry to the cleaners, and then pick it up a few days later than constant trips to the store to buy new underwear).

  7. Uncle Drew! teach us more of your wisdom!

  8. Soooo. If he gets himself new underwear, does he wash them (i hope so)?
    If yes, why just doesn’t he wash the ones he already has?
    If no, eeeeewwww.

  9. I think this is common among travelers or people who have to go to a laundromat. Back in my younger years I’ve purchased socks and underwear to delay going to the laundromat.

  10. I still have a drawer full of drawers thanks to living in a hotel for a few months 6 years ago while working out of town. Of course, I never threw them away.

  11. This is disgraceful when you think that there are undieless children in China.

    • The amount of underwear Kyrie consumes has ne effect on chinese children. It’s not like they lost the opportunity to wear underwear because of him.

  12. That 32,000 tuition per year his father paid his freshmen and sophmore years of hs were totally worth it…

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