Four games and two numbers for Thomas Robinson, who started his Houston tenure about a week ago wearing No. 0 like he had in Sacramento, only to switch to No. 41 for last night’s game. Pretty strange in its own right, but even weirder when you consider the reason he’s switching is because the Rockets have re-acquired Aaron Brooks who wore No. 0 during his previous three-and-a-half season stint in Houston, which is kind of amazing considering Brooks couldn’t wear No. 0 in Sacramento because that was Thomas Robinson’s number.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“It was a great favor,” Brooks said. “When I got to Sacramento, the No. 0 was actually mine. He played the preseason with it, but they said it was mine. I let him have it. I think that good faith led to this, him saying it was all right for me to have the number. It wouldn’t be right to wear another number. Plus, all the other numbers I would wear (he wore the No. 3 with the Kings that is taken by Omer Asik with the Rockets) were taken as well.”

I haven’t dipped in to the LexisNexis archives to see if this is true, but I am guessing this is the most two people have ever fought over the No. 0. Gilbert Arenas would be proud.