Oh man, the classic “lineup on the wrong side of the court like you’re going one way when you’re really going the other” maneuver actually worked. I can’t believe it. My eighth grade team tried this once and it didn’t even work back then. I guess we should have just waited to use it in the final minute of a 2-point NBA game.

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  1. kobe did that with one dribble

  2. Loved hearing Sam Mitchell make fun of the team for not being able to stop Kobe Bryant on this play. Irony at its finest here

  3. wow… #whatacard! that was ridiculous !! WOWSERS

  4. You see Dwight doing his Kobe impression with Jamison. What a screwball, 11th man on a shitty team mentality.

    • Just realized that, mocking Kobe for being fired up over a VERY crucial win for them.
      Dwight can be such a fucking idiot haha.

      Also @Eric
      I laughed. But this play has got to be even worse than Kobe scoring 81. In Sam’s defence.

  5. D’Antoni is now a tactical genius right?

  6. I saw this live. I couldn’t believe they were THAT STUPID to fall for it. I said to myself I don’t even thinks the CAVS or BOBCATS would fall for this one. How could be so naive.

  7. This is going straight to #1 in my personal top 10 team plays of the year.

  8. Lakers would have used the barking dog play in this situation, but they’re saving that for the playoffs.

  9. Monty Williams should be fined for this and the players should forfeit their per diems for the next week.

  10. I want to know what was going through d’Antoni’s head when he decided to call this

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