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On today’s Overdose — which was recorded Thursday afternoon — The Jones discuss the Lakers’ chances at jumping the Jazz for that final Western Conference playoff spot, what some lottery teams have to look forward to, Dwight Howard’s comments about his ex-Magic teammates, the NBA’s most powerful, the idea of expansion, a quick flavor profile of Kobe’s new vino, and which contracts are the most “problematic.”

All that, plus chicken fajitas, Shaquille O’Neal quotes, a tight round of Pun-Gun, and why in the world it’s taking so long to get a preseason game or two in Australia. Honestly. Leigh Ellis is freakin’ out over here, man!


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  1. Im gonna eat a bunch of vaseline RIGHT NOW

  2. Spurs-Cavaliers preseason game for Australia. Do it next year, Adam Silver!

  3. The Lakers will catch Utah and come in as the 8th seed and the Rockets will take out the Thunder its Harden’s destiny lol

  4. Leigh has to lead the BJ army to get a pre-season game in Australia

  5. Dwight is a freaking loser. He’s the one that’s garbage, learn how to make a free throw.

  6. Best pun-gun round ever.

  7. This one is gold!

  8. Why do I have the feeling Leigh could do a full hour just himself talking only about Kyrie Irving?

  9. His catchphrase if he was in the movie Terminator?

    I’ll b-Ibaka.

  10. tbj had high hopes for valenciunus, is he just another bitch made euro player?

  11. If he joined the priesthood…

    Clergy Baka

    Before he really made it big, he was “On the Verge Ibaka”

  12. Shane Warne reference! Gotta love cricket, you a big fan Leigh?

  13. If he policed aliens with Will Smith he would be part of the Serge men in blacka.

    His favourite Rowan Atkinson character is Serge iblackadder, especially in iblackadder Serge ibackand forth. Couldn’t decide over iblackadder or iback and forth.

    He wanted to be a doctor so he could be a Surgeon Ibaka, but he didn’t get the grades in his Serge Ibakalaureate.

  14. What’s his favorite wrestler? Serge Tatanka.
    What’s his favorite Mortal Kombat character?
    Serge Baraka.
    If he was a middle eastern woman he would wear a Serge Iburka.

  15. What is Serge’s favorite Muppet line? Serge I-waka-waka-waka.

  16. looking forward to this show and esp. the “tight round” of pun gun.
    speaking of which:
    I couldn’t sleep the other night so I thought about players who are also instruments, in honour of trey’s legendary food-post. and even though I’m guessing no one will bother adding names.. well who cares so I’m gonna post what I can still remember. a lot of the guys are from the 90ies for some reason.

    Dikembe MuTrombone
    Aaron McKieboard
    Kerry DrumKittles
    Brandon Bass, duh
    Andre Drummond, duh
    Keith Van Horns
    DJ MBongo
    Patrick Trumpatterson
    also, shoutout to the Brooklyn ClariNets and the North Carolina GuiTar Heels

    honorable mentions:
    Note Robinson
    Harold Minor
    and anyone named Tom or Gibson.

  17. Not a single Chewbacca?

    As to expansion, I don’t think watering down the talent is that big of an issue in the NBA. Since there are only about a dozen truly impactful franchise players, going from 30 to 32 teams only increases the number of teams in the fretful state trying to figure out how to get one of those players. Adding two new teams would not likely cause any noticeable degradation of state of play among those gormless teams like Detroit or Charlotte, nor would the new teams be any worse IMO. If there are people who want to pay to watch the increasingly competitive race to the bottom, then they might as well expand.

  18. How do you tell Serge Ibaka you’re constipated?

    “Serge, I’mblockedup”

  19. What do we call Serge after he learns how to use the force and gets knighted by the Queen?

    Sir Chewbacca

  20. What is Serge’s favorite Clash song?

    Irocka The Casbaka

  21. Serge’s full name is actually Serge Jonas Ibaka Ngobila. Not as long as Mutombo’s full name, Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo.

  22. Who is his favorite ancient Indian emperor? Serge Ashoka.

  23. Everyone hates Dwight, with good reason.

  24. What’s his favorite Michael J Fox movie?

    Serge IBacka to the future

  25. His favorite Japanese city?

    Serge Osaka

    His favorite Mediterranean dish?

    Serge Moussaka

    Favorite form of punishment?

    Scourge Ibaka

    Favorite 50′s singer?

    Serge Neil Sedaka

  26. For people clamoring for expansion, let’s take a look at the “replacement level” talent that has cluttered the waiver wires this season. Here is your expansion team:

    Starting Five:
    Aaron Brooks, PG (Hou)
    Darius Johnson-Odom, SG (LAL)
    Mickael Gelabale, F (Min)
    Kenyon Martin, F (NY)
    Chris Johnson, C (Min)

    Derek Fisher, PG (OKC)
    Jannero Pargo, PG (Atl)
    Donald Sloan, G (NO)
    Lazar Hayward, SF (Min)
    Hakim Warrick, PF (Orl)
    Lou Amundson, PF (Chi)
    Juwan Howard, PF (Mia)

  27. What is his second favorite Jewish delicacy?

    Serge I-Latke

  28. Poor Dwight Howard. He only got paid millions of dollars and didn’t get as much attention as a wanted. He even did that movie, the name of which I forget, and didn’t become a movie star.

  29. Is Leigh Ellis president of the Alonzo Gee fan club?

  30. What Addams family character would he be?

    Lurch Ibaka

  31. What would his name be if he was part knight part gangster and part wookie?

    Sir G. Baca

  32. If Serge wants that minty fresh breath he breaks out the Serge Binaca

  33. What’s he most known for?
    Serge Iblocka

  34. If he was a financially irresponsible crackhead he would splurge on rocka

  35. An All Time ‘Whoa Boy!’ for Monday.
    March 10th, 1987

    Hakeem posted 38pts, 17 reb, 6ast, 7 stls, 12 blks!



  36. His least favorite commenter on the Jones: Serge Velazquez

  37. Whether or not the president of ESPN is the person directly deciding the majority of the topics and programming on the network, I would put him in the top 3 most influential people in any of the four major sports to acknowledge the vast influence of the network itself on those sports.

  38. treys maniacal laugh needs to be a new drop

  39. His greatest desire?

    An urge to-block-ya.

  40. Why does everyone hate al farouq aminu so much

  41. Who’s his favorite Star Wars player? Serge Chubaca

    • If Tas gets him to pitch for the Rounders, but he messes up, the ump from boston will yell: “Serge, YouBalk-ah!”

  42. I thought this was super obvious:

    If Serge had a porn name, what would it be?…

    Splooge Ibukkake

    • When he used to partay w Broadway Joe, they’d holla: “nice Fur, Ibakka!”

      When he gets married he’ll get towels that read: His and “Her Ibakka”

  43. Aussies have the most subscriptions to NBA League Pass per capita

  44. Stop the shout outs.

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