Ep. 942: The Avengers

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for: The Miami Heat Avengers, Kobe’s heroics vs. the Raptors, DeAndre Jordan’s #RIPBrandonKnight dunk, and Deron Williams gettin’ his T-Mac on. Thumbs down for: Amar’e's latest knee injury, “Temper Boy” DeMarcus Cousins, and Brandon Jennings’ most recent comments.

All that, plus a Sacramento/Seattle update, Nic G., the Blackhawks, and Leigh’s voice.


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Comments (19)

  1. is leigh using a different microphone?

  2. Man, Skeets says “there” a lot.

  3. Talking about the Heat potentially reaching 22 in Boston reminded me of who stopped the previous 22 game win streak, it was the Celtics taking down Houston in Houston. Doesn’t mean much 5 years later, but interesting anyway.

  4. I hope Skeet’s quote was just in fact a quote at the beginning of the show….the only person in the world it might be applicable to when coming out of Skeetmouth is Osten (and that’s a big maybe)


  5. I love Knicks schaudenfreude

  6. Is Jose Calderon the best player in Pistons right now?

  7. Was Trey going for French Canada or Cat in the Hat?

  8. Speaking of Jordan’s posterizing play, doesn’t Charlie V have the correct idea in this instance? Knight was called for a block, giving Jordan a free throw (which he actually made!) in exchange for *zero* chance that the foul affects the shot. It’s hard to knock Knight for his enthusiasm, but if this was a three point Piston lead late in the 4th instead of an early Clipper blowout we’d be lamenting his poor decision-making making instead of giving him pity-kudos.

    (Side note, Woj should stick to reporting instead of purple prose)

  9. For those asking why Leigh keeps on adding a ‘-y’ at the end of every name, you need to go back and listen to one of the best [BLANK] Jones episodes ever.

  10. funny that today Leigh said it was an “ie” added to the end of every name, when on the blank jones he corrrected Skeets by saying it is a “y” added on. Only listened to that one again the other day. Classic!!

    Also at the 27m40s mark of todays podcast, when Skeets is talking about DMC as a loser, Tas’ “whoa” sounds exactly like the “whoa” in the Aboriginal TOTW song….

  11. Love the Blackhawks!

  12. Tas what the hell is going on with those bags under your eyes get some sleep man.
    allan from melbourne australia.

  13. You couldn’t ask for a better Brandon Knight video,


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