This dunk is awesome, no doubt about that. But amazingly, it might not even be the best part of this clip.

No, that honor either goes to the segment from 14 seconds to 18 seconds where we see a bunch of kids reacting like they just found a Playboy and then a quick cut to a bunch of grownups acting the exact same way, or to this face:


Pretty much the right reaction and maybe the best dunk reaction face since Stephon Marbury. Sorry for your entire body and soul, Brandon Knight.

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  1. CallMeMissKim must be very proud.

  2. Brandon Knight’s had a rough few weeks. First the Kyrie crossover in the rising stars game, and now this. Just swallow him up world.

    • Brandon Knight could carve out a nice niche as a Renaissance sort of Shawn Bradley. Not just limited to dunks, he’s available for crossovers too. The man can do it all.

  3. is Turiaf ok? somebody help him

  4. Na, it’s gotta be Matt Barnes running away like he left the oven on.

    • Barnes’ reaction is what makes it for me – he runs away like they’re all six years old and Jordan just broke a window.

  5. Craig Monroe’s “pfff” face while seeing Knight vaporized was also priseless!

  6. The dunk was nice for sure, but look at the size of DJ compared to Knight. Knight didn’t even get up that high, it’s like he was trying to throw himself under the bus.

  7. Can we get a full breakdown? The lob, THE JAAAAAM!!!, the stepover, CP3 pushing DJ into the crowd then doesn’t know how to react, DJ walking into the crowd like he’s Maximus, Matt Barnes running away, Brandon Knight goes down & stays down, Blake, The ‘fly eagles fly’ guy on the bench, the kids reaction,Urkel all grown up on the Clippers bench, VDN pushing players back, the women behind the Clippers bench right back to their cellphones after the made free throw, Lamar’s face(1:02), Caron’s face, and DeAndre’s ‘that was kinda nasty’ face. What else could you possibly want out of a video clip? The Shawn Kemp/Alton Lister point?

  8. This has to become the next big meme right? That picture wit a funny caption like “jason kidd’s still playing at 40?” Or “did u watch 2 girls 1 cup”?

  9. Brandon Knight twitted after the game: “It wasn’t in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol”

  10. Hands down dunk of the year

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