I haven’t checked the math on this yet, but I think I have it right — 60 percent of the NBA’s players weren’t even born when Vince Carter won the dunk contest back in 2000. Sure, all the little kids know about it thanks to YouTube and the DVD copy of “NBA Dunks Vol. 2″ that their dad gave them for their birthday, but as far as they know, he’s just an old bearded guy who’s the Mavs’ sixth man.

But even though us grownups have done an exemplary job of maintaining Vince’s legacy as one the league’s all-time best dunkers, even Ol’ Beardy himself admits that his time has passed. Passed so long ago, in fact, that he now prefers layups. From the New York Times:

Asked if dunking is as much fun as it looks, he grimaces. “Nowadays? I do it because I can, but sometimes, the landings suck. That takes the toll on your body. If it’s needed, it’s needed. But if I can make the two points by layup, I’m going to do that. You have to be smart about it.”

Smart isn’t always lauded in athletics, but Carter has learned the game lasts much longer than a dunk. “When you’re younger,” he said, “you don’t really care how you land when you come down.”

I’m not usually one to feel old when people are like “Well, now I feel old” because I am extremely young at heart, but Vince Carter saying he prefers layups because it hurts him to dunk is the kind of thing that can make even a baby feel like an old person (disclaimer: some babies legitimately look like old people, which might make this confusing). Obviously Vince’s rim-rockers are few and far between, which has been the case for a few years, but hearing that it physically hurts him is just wrong. Vince Carter should be able to do any dunk over anyone at anytime, from now until eternity. He’s earned it.

Then again, this is Vince Carter we’re talking about here. Pretty much everything hurts him. Dunking, yawning, really deep breaths, thinking too long about time travel paradoxes in famous time travel movies — you name it and Vince has suffered a sprain doing it then laid on the court for a few minutes rolling around like he just lost his legs. Sure, sometimes that leads to a dunk, but then that’s just another injury. It’s a vicious cycle.

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  1. You obviously know nothing about this sport or the game itself. What a silly, disrespectful article about a future hall of famer who took over the league during the post Jordan era. 60% of nba players werent even born when VC won the dunk contest?? I didnt know the NBA changed their rule of having at least 1 year of college before being able to get into the NBA draft to 1 year of high school instead. You are dumb and ignorant because over the last 6 years he has been one of the most durable players in the league. Get your facts straight before you get paid to write something that makes absolutely no sense.

    • I can’t believe you’re this stupid. It’s obviously a joke. Keep the great work Kerbs.

    • Has nobody explained the concept of sarcasm to you? Here, let me help you out:

    • What’s up with the comments section recently?

      If this is trolling then it’s pretty sh!tty trolling because there isn’t even a *hint* of humour in there.

      This is why we can’t have nice things!

      Ever heard of satire and/or hyperbole and/or sarcasm? Jesus man, weak sauce.

    • ” I didnt know the NBA changed their rule of having at least 1 year of college before being able to get into the NBA draft to 1 year of high school instead”

      You dickhead, if a person was born in 2000, they would be 13. I’m pretty sure (but I could be wrong) that more than 60% of the players in the NBA are above the age of 13. Get the joke

    • Come on bro, lighten up. It was a joke. Life isnt always serious.

    • You must be new here

  2. Is that all you gotta say? Such weak sauce comebacks. Go on and diss a great player like that and say, “have you ever heard of sarcasm?” Pathetic

    • Chand, you gotta understand that the “game worn VC jock” you ordered online is not real, and sniffing it will lead you to these kinds of over-wrought hyperbole, like calling VC “durable”, and a “great player”.
      He was a great dunker, but he made a lot of bad choices that squandered his God-given talent, like not working out, particularly in the off-season, and attending his graduation on a Game 7 playoff day against Philly, necessitating a rush private flight from NC to Philly just in time for the game.
      His character was revealed by his own actions, not by what anybody said about him. Carter became a league-wide punchline with his over-dramatic embellishments of minor boo-boos, and now has morphed into mocking his own reputation with plays like the “fake ankle sprain-sprint the baseline for an uncontested dunk”.
      Once-great dunker… yes, one of the best of all time. Great player?… How many rings has he got?

  3. sarcasm or not. This dumb article wasted 30 seconds of my life

    • please specify if you were being sarcastic, you’re confusing Chand. he get’s angry when he doesn’t know what’s going on.

  4. It’s (kind of) interesting that by trying to expose someone else’s intellectual failing you outted yourself as a bit of an idiot. This is a complimentary piece reflecting on the passing of time and the looming inevitable conclusion to a basketball career. No one is denying Vince’s abilities. If he weren’t impressive during his career then this article wouldn’t have been written. It’s VC’s decline that makes it remarkable because he once was held so very high in our minds. If he weren’t amazing before then this would be a dog bites man story instead of man bites dog. Or idiot comments on story vs literate folks appreciate a writer’s efforts.

  5. Hi Chand,

    Are you new to The Basketball Jones? If so, welcome! Come join our crew of loyal basketball and humor fanatics! I’m sorry if Trey’s post was offensive to you. It was indeed peppered with quite a bit of sarcasm, as that is one of the staple ingredients on The Basketball Jones blog. Some people enjoy it, while others may just like the straight facts. Anyway, just know that Trey’s post is a pretty accurate representation of the content and tone you’ll find on this blog. Same goes for the TBJ podcast, which I highly recommend. Again, it may not be your cup of tea, but at least you should be prepared for it the next time you surf on over here.

    To others responding to Chand’s comments–please refrain from name-calling and negativity towards others. There’s way too much of that on the web these days. I’d hate for this place to turn into ESPN or YouTube’s comment section. I come to the TBJ blog because it’s usually filled with fun and humor and the occasional good natured-ribbing, and and I hope it stays that way. Thanks for reading.

  6. I don’t know witch part I liked more. The post or the coments. But it was all pretty funny. There is nothing good in life without hatters. “THEY ARE A PART OF EVERDAY’S LIFE!”

  7. More importantly is Nicolas Batum dancing behind VC in the photo?

  8. Man, I saw the post and was like “Whoa! 17 comments? That’s cool!”

    And now I’m just sad.

  9. I always thought Stephen Curry was 13.

  10. Half Man, Half is fading

  11. Reminds me of the time he called dunking overrated and said he won’t dunk as much in the future. He quickly forgot about this in New Jersey though. (At least I believe that comment came during his last days at Toronto)

  12. As a Mavs fan I was fully expecting to loathe VC but he has actually been great. He plays hard, nails threes, never complains/always smiles, and even tries on defense! He gets knocked down trying to take charges more than any Mav, and every now and then he’ll whip out a sick retro dunk and fire everyone up. Plus he has a great contract. Stick around awhile, Vince!

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