As we’ve discussed before, when Ray Allen heats up, his Heat teammates still call him Jesus Shuttlesworth, after his character in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game.” This makes sense, since it’s something a bunch of us normals do occasionally. Pretty standard stuff, really.

Not standard, however, is calling Ray by his given first name, Walter, which is something that’s slipped under the radar for basically his whole career. Sure, you might have heard Mark Jackson or some other overly familiar announcer go with a “Walter. Ray. Allen.” while in the middle of highlights or something like that, but I’d guess most people aren’t even aware that Ray is really a middle name.

Chris Bosh isn’t one of those people. From the Miami Herald:

11) Does anyone call you by your real name – Walter?

“My college friends do. And now Chris Bosh, for some reason.”

Yeah, of course Chris Bosh calls Ray Allen “Walter” for no real reason. Why wouldn’t he? That’s a super Chris Bosh kind of thing to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bosh even shortened things up and called him “Walt.” He’s such a silly.

Oh, and if you were wondering if Dwyane Wade still hates vegetables (weird if you were), the answer is yes.

14) Three things that people don’t know about some other Heat teammates?

“Dwyane doesn’t eat any vegetables, no greens, no salad, no nothing. Chris Andersen , it is all one tattoo, believe it or not. Mario Chalmers and I grew up together. I’ve known him since he was a little kid. Our fathers served in the military together.”

Guess that personal chef is really paying off. Also, good luck looking at Chris Andersen without thinking about how all of his tattoos connect … somewhere. Yuck.

Pretty cute about the Chalmers connection too. Ray Allen is a wealth of information, so go read the whole questionnaire to learn a whole bunch of strange things about the Heat. And if you see Ray walking down the street, please call him Ray. You’re not Chris Bosh.