Ep. 943: The System

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the race for the No. 1 seed out West, Tiago Splitter’s confidence, Westbrook’s shot selection, Scott Brooks’ infatuation with Derek Fisher, ‘Melo’s knee injury, J.R. Smith’s questionable ejection, Enes Kanter, the Nuggets’ paint job, and those up-and-down Nets.

All that, plus Bollywood music, hockey, Julie’s forthcoming baby, the best dunk of the season, and which NBA coach is most about dis life — Pop or Lionel Hollins.


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  1. OKC’s second unit looked awful and Brooks is too rigid with his rotations. If they make it to the finals and Perk is still getting significant minutes, Ibaka is still unintegrated offensively, expect a repeat. Also, Trey pulled out a tough shirt to analyze today. Congrats. Tas needs to get a real flattop going.

  2. I demand a Hockey Jones in the summer! Hawks will be back on track soon..just had one bad period against the Oilers and it cost us.

    Back to ball, I think the Spurs are looking strong, Lakers could give them a good run in the first round though, esp if TP isn’t 100%.

  3. Never thought I’d say that but I am now officially part of Team Shorter Seasons. I listen to the fixes mostly because of sheer TBJ loyalty these days, but find myself drifting in and out of the actual game talk… at this point of the season I just don’t care about most games anymore.
    also, and I can’t really say why, I don’t care about seedings this year. it just feels all set, and like there are absolutely NO storylines left in the regular season. especially in the east, which is outright depressing: the teams potentially most *ahem* “dangerous” to the heat are usually playing some ugly ass defensive basketball – which is fine by me if it works, but it doesn’t, meaning it’s just ugly. maybe if rose comes back… oh well.

  4. Was today the plaid edition of TBJ?

    Lookin snazzy guys.

  5. Really appreciate the OKC/Spurs breakdown. All the stuff you guys said about fisher/brewer/brooks Thunder fans have been complaining about for a longggg time. It’s very frustrating

  6. Regarding the JR Smith hit, I loved the ejection. It’s really frustrating to me how accepted fouling has become as a tool. If you’re fouling to prevent a layup or dunk, you got beat, and that should be worth two points. The Warriors already lost Brandon Rush this season to an intentional foul. I know that fouling is the way it’s always been, but today, these guys run faster and jump higher. So yea, if you’re just clobbering somebody, you got to go.

    • What you talkin’ ’bout clobbering!?!

      When Leigh returns (cough, cough), he needs to lend you some VHS tapes of 80s & 90s games — when the NBA was still a Man’s Game.

      • Oh I know. I remember Oakley/Mason, the Davis Brothers, and Bill Lambeer as well as anybody. The 60′s were even worse. I still love physical ball when it comes to posting up, setting picks, boxing out and blocking shots. But those are basketball plays. When you have guys like Russell Westbrook or Blake Griffin (or Brandon Rush) and you’re just grabbing them from behind or meeting them in mid air with no chance to make a play on the ball, it’s not basketball and it’s dangerous. Not to mention stopping play every 30 seconds to shoot free throws ruins the pace of play.

  7. ……………….Quote, unquote

  8. Wait, did I just hear tell of a forthcoming J.E. Jr.?! Congratulations!

  9. I just googled Lionel Hollins fingers and arrrrgh what the fuck.
    That’s what I fear will happen everytime I stub my toe.

  10. great new for tas, raptors plan to give rudy gay an extension.

  11. When Skeets was listing things the mail could be about, as he said “they could be about [topic a], they could be about [topic b]…” I was really expecting it to end with “they could even be about dis life!”

    Thanks for letting me down, Jones.

  12. The coach who is most about dis life?

    Mike D’Antonni

    “What?” I hear you cry? Well it’s simply Pop and Lionel appear too tough. No one would step to them. Pop’s flying spittle alone would be a force field – he’s never been tested but you know sad face, double tea pot (frustrated pose) D’Antonni got bullied at school…

    …one day he snapped…and now he’s all offence…on the court and in the alley. It’s like the Mike Tyson story except he couldn’t bulk up*

    *he chose not to bulk up because, as everyone knows, if you get too hench you look foolish in a suit. Every good coach has to wear a sharp suit. D’Antonni knows that half of “being about dis life” is looking snappy in formal wear so he keeps his gangsta on the inside*

    *also overly roided up guys are slow and sluggish fighters

    +D’Antoni rocks a moustache.

  13. tas on point today

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