Quoth the Metta, per Dave McMenamin:

“My Twitter’s @mettaworldpeace.com,” World Peace gladly announced to the throng of media, mixing up his Twitter handle and website in one breath. “Follow me on Twitter, follow Dwight. I need a million followers.”

Pretty nice of MWP to try to deflect a little of the heat from his teammate, just too bad he gave out the wrong Twitter handle while trying to plug his own Twitter handle. After all, it only takes a split-second to see that @MettaWorldPeaceDotCom and @MettaWorldPeace.com don’t exist and that @MettaWorldPeace (no dot com) is the real deal. Whoops.

Just one of those classic blunders when you can’t remember your actual Twitter handle based around your made-up name that not everyone calls you. We’ve all been there.