Ballin: Spencer Hawes went for 24 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists in the 76ers’ win over the Nets. It’s probably not true, but it feels like each of those numbers are a season-high. In reality, it’s only the points and assists, which is still kind of bizarre.

Not so much: The Knicks scored fewer points (28) in the second half of their loss to the Warriors than a team that played last night scored in 10 separate quarters.

Curtain call: All things considered, JaVale McGee earned the right to take a bow.

There’s also no doubt in my mind that there must have been a part of JaVale McGee that wanted to yell “Who’s your Haddadi?!” after this oop. Assuming he knows who Hamed Haddadi is, of course, which I’ll admit isn’t the likeliest of occurrences.

Wrong definition: Deron Williams had a nice game, going for 27 points, six rebounds and 13 assists. However, the Nets are just 12-9 in games where he scores 20 or more points and 7-8 when he has 10 or more assists. Seems like there should be a more positive correlation.

Corkscrew: Stephen Jackson will spin you right round baby right round, Flo Rida style.

As friend of the blog KevCops pointed out, this might be the swaggiest entry pass in NBA history. It’s also the exact same play as the one Earl Watson highlight I can remember, which isn’t on YouTube because it’s from when he was on the Sonics and also not that great of a play.

Moving day: Thanks to the Lakers’ inactivity and the fact that they hold the tiebreaker against L.A., the Jazz’s win over the Pistons vaulted them in to the final playoff seed in the Western Conference.

Besters: Kawhi Leonard was pretty good for the Spurs last night — 17 points, four rebounds, three steals — but he was also occasionally awesome.

On the two possessions before this dunk, Kawhi Leonard had knocked down a three and ripped Russell Westbrook. So basically, he was the best player in the history of basketball for three possessions last night.

Other things: Here’s a very far alley-oop betwixt Ty Lawson and Kenny Faried … Pretty weak Flagrant 2 ejection for J.R. Smith … Rough couple of nights for Brandon Knight, who badly hurt his ankle an evening after being decimated by DeAndre Jordan … Eyyyyymahn Shoooompairt had a rook shaved in his head last night, probably because he loves castling … This is how you do a jazz dance tribute to Michael Jordan, if you were wondering (you weren’t)