Play-by-play data just says that “Russell Westbrook misses 31-foot three point jumper,” but I think we all know what really happened here — Russell Westbrook tried to be cute and use Gary Neal trying to foul him to reset the play as a way to get some cheap free throws, couldn’t and therefore had to settle for chucking up something more like a 40-footer with 18 seconds remaining on the shot clock. Nate Robinson calls it “the perfect shot.” Russell Westbrook just says, “#whynot.”

(via CJ Zero)

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  1. Almost as silly is Gary falling over suuuuuuuper sloooowly on the play, in what I can only assume was an attempt to draw a charge.

  2. Yet another reason Westbrook should leave the offence to Durant.

  3. i remember when this happened once a few years ago at the end of a pretty close unc game. the other team was down i think 3 points with about 30 secs left in the game and the player thought kendall marshall was going to foul him, so he threw it up. marshall pulled back his arm at the last second and so the guy just ended up shooting a halfcourt airball with 8 seconds still on the clock.

  4. Best part is the play-by-play guy who calmly describes it as “a long one” as if it was just a normal basketball play.

  5. It seemed like he planned to do it running up court. Dick

  6. He’s no Rocky.

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