Whoops, there’s a microphone on the net.

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  1. NBA is great, this type thing never happens in other sports. Dwight is the perfaect person for a ur momma comeback

    • the biggest reason this sort of back and fourth happens only in the nba is because it’s the only arena sports where the fans are literally inches away from the playing area. all the other sports (hockey,football,baseball, soccer) either have a barrier separating the fans from the players or they’re far enough away that there’s no way a conversation would happen without a shouting match.

  2. who doesn’t want to talk about pee lol

  3. this is awesome lol

  4. What a pear shaped loser.

  5. Might have been a little funny 10-15 years ago

  6. Oh man. If you’re going to engage a fan, bring something better than “yo momma” to the table.

    • Totally agree. Dwight’s comebacks are basically lines I watched on In Living Color when I was 10 years old

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