Ep. 944: The Bottom Line

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Dwight Howard’s return to Orlando, the Lakers’ bench, D-Wade, why we want the Hawks to fall to 8th, the Grizzlies’ dominating inside presence, Vince Carter’s late run at Sixth Man of the Year, non-All-Star All-Stars, and Pretty Tricky Ricky’s trickery.

All that, plus urinating, GoPro cameras, points-per-possession, P.J. Brown, and Caleb Heller.


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  1. its funny when skeets asks a question and answers it himself

  2. Do I enjoy The Basketball Jones ? Yes I do.

    Bryan Colangelo must go. He is awful. Please use your position of influence within the basketball blogosphere to push for his contract not being renewed by your hometown team. The consistent mediocrity his teams have achieved should not be rewarded with continued employment. Please help to make this a reality.

    “I like you. You make me feel good.”

    - Johnny Flynn

  3. Vince has left-handed three pointers all day

  4. i’m a homer, but i don’t think you need to hide lamarcus aldridge on defense. he’s a good defender for his position, he’s just not a guy who makes up for the deficiencies of those around him (jj hickson, meyers leonard, damian lillard). memphis is tough because you have to guard all of their bigs, but lamarcus outscored and outrebounded all of them. i wouldn’t say he got “worked” by anyone. go blazers!

    • more blocks then all of them combined and as many steals as any of them as well. just sayin’.

    • I just meant he needs to save his energy because he’s depended upon so much offensively, but there’s no saving when you’re playing that frontline.

      And, let’s not compare his defense to Gasol’s!

      • yeah, that’s fair. you right, you right, definitely didn’t mean to imply he’s anywhere near gasol defensively;i just want aldridge to get all the props his play deserves.

        • He might have a career as an under-appreciated guy just ’cause he’s so steady, but not flashy- a Tim Duncan, or even a Bosh. I GET WHAT YOU’RE SAYING TOO!

  5. No Julie update?

  6. please post the leigh’s entire description of the Kate scale.

  7. Got a good email from #TBJ fan Jacob re: the points per possessions confusion today:

    “The Rockets score 0.97 PPP per Synergy. Logic would dictate that their offensive rating would be 97, after all offensive rating is points per 100 possessions. But that is wrong, the Rockets have an offensive rating of 107.3. This is because in the NBA.com formula, baskets after offensive rebounds are counted as the same possession. In Synergy’s tracking, offensive rebounds kick off a new possession.”

    • That wasn’t the confusion. I was just trying to get what the AVERAGE team scores per possession, which when using NBA.com, Hoopdata, or Basketball Reference (sites that include offensive rebounds, and thus, the higher rated formula), is 1.027 per possession. I used 1 (100 points per possession) as the number and was off by 2.7 points.

      1 point per possession is a little low – that would rank 23rd in the league. I was looking for around the 15th team.

  8. Hey guys! This has nothing to do with this show and I know i ts already Wednesday but I still have a question for you guys. Which coach in the NBA has the highest chance to turn Demarcus Cousins into a superstar?

    P.S. Should the Spurs try and get Cousins? Popvich is my choice to fix Cousins and Duncan is playing great and so is Splitter but wouldnt a good tempered Cousins make the Spurs better then anyother team. (Demarcus is Miamis weakness) Think about their crazy Starting Lineup!

  9. Speaking of Cousins …


    Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins won’t be suspended for Wednesday’s game vs. the Chicago Bulls, but he’s not expected to play either.

    The big man who delivered a right elbow to the head of the Milwaukee Bucks’ Mike Dunleavy on Sunday will not be suspended, according to NBA spokesman Tim Frank. Yet according to a person with knowledge of Cousins’ situation, he is not expected to play because of left leg pain caused by the collision with Dunleavy that preceded the incident in question. The person requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on his behalf.

  10. Sorry boys, gonna give this podcast a miss. I can’t stand the 20 mins of Dwight and Laker talk I’m assuming it contains. Tomorrow is another day.

    • I was hoping Ricky’s triple-double would get 30 seconds, but he doesn’t even get the Whoa Boy graphic for his first-ever Whoa Boy.

      I understand though, the Wolves aren’t in the playoffs. I look forward to hearing about them again on the podcast next November. :(

  11. This is what you miss when the Australian ain’t around. Taz says at 20:30 Chris bosh has been amazing, and maybe the +/- or other stats say so but check out his pre/post all-star splits.


    These numbers put him behind Amir Johnson since the break http://espn.go.com/nba/player/splits/_/id/2769/amir-johnson

  12. Skeets was pissed at Matt the whole show! I found the tension entertaining.

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