According to Al “Mr. Blackwell” Jefferson, the answer seems to be yes. From the Deseret News:

The free-spirited Turkish ballplayer showed up for Monday’s Jazz-Pistons contest wearing a fedora, sparkling gold jacket, jeans and snake shoes.

“He makes it look good,” teammate Al Jefferson told reporters. “It’s not like it don’t look good on him.”

Hey, I’m not going to argue with Al Jefferson. He’s got a giant bed, a mean looking face and some size on me, so if he says Enes Kanter looks good then I guess Enes Kanter looks good. I would have just thought he looked like a college sophomore going to a “Pimps and Ho’s” mixer at Sig Ep, but I guess we can trust Al Jefferson on this one. If you disagree, you be the one to tell him.

(image via @DJJazzyJody)

Comments (11)

  1. Is Kanter honestly signing an orange?!

  2. It DON’T look good on him, Al Jefferson.

  3. That girl is humongously tall

  4. That girl has what looks to be 5″ platform heels on so yes she’s going to be tall. Anyways, I kinda like the fedora. Not many dudes can pull of a fedora.

  5. He kinda looks like Inspector Gadget.

    Looks better than that chic nerd look all the other players try and do.

  6. He looks like a pop star that makes bland, fake sentimental mega-hits.

  7. …is he signing an orange?

  8. dude is either signing a mini basketball or an orange.. weird

  9. I don’t think it’s an orange, maybe a large mandarin or possibly a small pumpkin.

  10. Welcome to the Playa Hater’s Ball!

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