Remember DeAndre Jordan’s dunk? Remember DeAndre Jordan’s subsequent dunk face? Me too, to both of those questions.

And so does Under Armour, who is seizing on this opportunity to make a bunch of us look like idiots while trying to win a prize. It’s brilliant, really.

To participate people have to upload their best impersonation of DeAndre’s post dunk reaction to Instagram and tag it #DeAndreDunkface. This Tuesday Under Armour will select a grand prize winner who will get a paid trip to Los Angeles, two tickets to Clippers home game, UA gear and meet and greet with DeAndre. Fans can enter once a day and should use #DeAndreDunkFace.

Yes, this is a VERY good idea. I mean, obviously.


So yeah, do this immediately and share the results in the comments. You can upload it to Instagram to if you want, but mostly I just want to see your beautiful DeAndre faces. The sillier the better.

Oh, and there are some pretty slick t-shirts created for the occasion as well. Those are after the jump.

deandre-dunk-t-shirt deandre-dunk-face-shirt-1

Comments (4)

  1. Those are sweet shirts!

  2. You got it all wrong! Hes looking to blake and saying “I just murdered him didnt I… I just commited homicide… How bad was it??”

    Your face is more pillaging viking.

  3. no no no, the bottom lip has to stay straight. all wrong…

  4. I think you should photoshop it with Brandon knights surrounded by fire. A real mixtape vibe is what this needs.

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