I’ve been to Portland a few times in the past couple of years and I’ve loved it every time I visited. It’s not too hot, too sunny or too boring and you can pretty much always find artisanal ginger ale, so I was bound to like the place.

But I’ve never been an out-of-shape point guard playing in front of city who is completely and totally basketball-crazed. If that were the case — and if I’d so badly underperformed that everyone in Portland thought I was a stupid fatso — then maybe I wouldn’t be such a fan of Portland. Because if that were the case I’d be Raymond Felton.

From Newsday’s Al Iannazone:

Raymond Felton said when returns to Portland tomorrow: “there are certain people there I don’t want to see and better not come near me.”

And from the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola:

Raymond Felton on the eve of his return to Portland says his brief time with the Blazers was the “worst moment I had in basketball for sure”

I don’t know what it is exactly, but something tells me Raymond Felton isn’t the biggest fan of Portland. Maybe he hates birds or beards or giant bookstores, but there’s just a certain I don’t know what that makes it seem like Felton didn’t really enjoy his time there.

Could it be that he shot worse from the field in Portland than he did in every season since his second year? Or that he scored the fewest points per 36 minutes of his entire career while he was there? Then again, it might be because he had the ninth-lowest PER among all guards who started at least 50 games during his single miserable season with the Trail Blazers, meaning he was just about as good as Gerald Henderson. Now that I think about it, the reasons why he might hate Portland seem to be piling up.

Oh, and there’s also that part of his Portland experience where he showed up extremely overweight and was photographed eating cupcakes so his nickname kind of became Cupcakes. That might have done it too. Heavy guys hate insulting nicknames. Guess he’ll just have to hang 5o on all those mean bloggers.

(via BlazersEdge)